The Little Patient

I studied the girl that I saw in the patient room. She was... about the same age as me.  She looked really delicate, though I did not wish to judge so quickly.

"So you want to leave too?"

The question striked me.  I answered, "Do you?"

She gave me a quick nod of the head indicating that she was also like me, a prisoner in the hospital. Making sure that the nurse lost my trail, I walked up to her bed and pulled up a chair.

"Can I ask why you are here?"

"I don't know... From what the doctors say, I have some sort of uncurable disease. They don't know what it is, but I cannot leave until they cure it." She looked at me with innocent eyes. She doesn't seem the least bit worried. "And why are you here?"

I pointed to my left hand wrapped in a cast. "I fell down the stairs a few days ago. They wouldn't let me go until they finished treating it."

"But shots? You don't need shots for the casts do you?"

"Oh... that was because they included the regular check-up along with the treatment."

The End

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