A Wish on a Maple Tree

In the wilderness some miles away from the city, there is a tree that is supposed to be able to grant any wish... But... will this one wish be heard?

Maple leaves... She loved the warm colors that brightens up her day in the chilly autumn. Too bad she didn't get to see them...


"CODY!!! Get back here!"

Spring Meadows Hospital used to be a quiet and peaceful place in which patients can relax and rehabilitate. Well... that is until someone came along...

And that someone is me. "Too bad," I shouted. "You already gave me too many shots today. I've had enough!" I turned the next corner of the hallway.

The nurse was trying to catch her breath as she was chasing me. "You're father will punish me if I don't take care of you."

I was breathing deeply and I waited for the sounds of footsteps to pass by. I found myself in an patient room, and it was occupied.

The patient gave me a smile. "So you want to leave too?"


And that was how I met her. Twenty years ago.

The End

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