A winters night

First story ever. nothing much.

She stood there silently as the cold winter breeze played with her silken black hair.

The snow covered the valley beneath leaving nothing visible other than it's own cold white veil. Darkness was the shadow her heart had cast upon the valley.Trees that seemed to reach the skies swayed back and forth in the wind in their own silent prayer. Life itself was lifeless tonight. This night would suffocate the light within itself and spread its wings for it was her last night and would remain so as long as she kept breathing into the empty void that surrounded her. And there she stood wearing a mask of faceless emotions, dangerously close to the edge of the cliff overlooking the valley below.

Behind her down the path leading from the once dusty track came the sound of the car engine being killed. He was here.

He stepped out and started to make his way towards the clearing where she was waiting for him. As he took each step towards her, tearing through virgin snow, he couldn't understand why there were no previous tracks, it hadn't snowed all day as far as he could remember but he quickly brushed aside this thought and moved on. The trees along the path moved slowly. He felt as if they were going to pull him into the blinding dark, reaching out to grasp his very soul and shred it apart. He quickened his pace a little bit and was now standing behind her at a shoulders length.

"You know what i always dream of don't you?", she asked.

"yeah.", he replied. She always dreamt of flying, of wanting to jump off of a high place, but was afraid to hit the ground.

"Do you dream of flying?"she asked again.

"No"he said not knowing where this conversation was heading.

"I killed Ronnie yesterday... I twisted his poor little neck, but before that i clipped his wings".

Ronnie was her pet bird, which she loved dearly.

"And you know what?...All the while he kept looking at me with his beady little eyes, so innocent, so full of love."

"Why did you kill him?"

"You must think I'm sick, don't you??" "uh--n-", but before he could even reply she continued "Ofcourse you don't, your the only one who has ever truly believed in me".

His lips arched momentarily into a faint smile. But it soon faded away quickly when he felt warm blood trickling down his cold body. His hand reached his heart, wanting to pull it out. The pain had brought him down to his knees, the snow covered ground was turning red.

"Some things were not meant to be, yet you reached out, could you have changed your own fate?".

He tried to open his mouth to let out the words which had made their way from his minds labyrinth, but he was drenched in this overwhelming pain to focus on anything.

"I'm not afraid anymore", these were last words he would ever hear her say.

She then turned around slightly enough for him to see her face before she fell off the cliff, arms wide open as if she had spread her wings to fly.

He saw her beautiful face and for a moment time had stood still for him, he felt no pain, the wind froze, the trees had stopped swaying. He saw her eyes, she had been crying, her coal black eyes had a shine of their own, ...so... so full of love.

He reached out for her but was too late,, too far away, he now lay face down upon the cold snow. It didn't feel cold anymore...if he could feel anymore.

The End

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