Chapter 7

Olivia directed them in their BMW to a posh apartment about 10 minutes away from the school. She told them that the last flat on the fourth floor housed the two people. She was forcibly escorted up the stairs and opened the door. She sprinted in, ahead of the other officers and grabbed a large carving knife she had left on the coffee table the previous day.

            "They hated him. They all hated Chris. They deserve what they get!" she shouted louder than anyone thought she could and with one fell swoop, thrust the blade into Alexander's chest. She removed it and stroked it against her cheek. The blood wiped off of the metal and acted as paint on her face. She smiled an evil and deranged smile and stabbed Lucinda. Again, she wiped the blood on her other cheek.

            "They should have been nice to him. He was wonderful. He was smart. He was athletic. I loved him!" she exclaimed before throwing the blade away and running into the glass window. She smashed the glass, scratching her face and legs as she fell. She landed in a skip full of black bags, piercing most of them.

            Benjamin, who was now standing by the shattered window, stared at her body, reflected by the sunlight on the glass. She got up and began to limp across to the road. Taking a risk, Benjamin jumped after her. He grazed his knees on the glass, adding another layer of blood. He was in a better state than she was and caught her in seconds. One thing he had not expected was her trying to break free; this caught him by surprise and he let go. She hopped away as fast as she could, straight into the path of an oncoming lorry.

The lorry driver was oblivious to Olivia as she wandered onto the road. He noticed, seconds before impact and hit the breaks. He collided with her at 60 miles per hour ands sent her body flying. The car behind, driven by Will who had just escaped from the lunatic asylum, crashed into the back of the lorry. As he was not wearing a seat-belt, he flew through the wind-screen and into the back of the lorry. Blood trickled down his mangled face.

Benjamin stared at the accident.


No matter how hard they tried, some people always died.

The End

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