Chapter 6

"You two did it!" Grace Maddison pointed her fake finger-nails at Olivia and Gary. "You thought you'd get away with it, being young. Nope. You also thought if you both had decent alibis, we'd believe you. To begin with we did. Your bus and your party. But, it turns out that you only caught the bus for one stop, two minutes down the road. Local CCTV shows us you returned on your path the school. You clambered through a hole in the fence to meet you're accomplice. Gary, you failed to get the bus from school that day because you went into Cheltenham to wait until the school would be empty and you made your way through the same hole; except you arrived there half an hour earlier that Olivia. So you opened up a bag poured it onto a piece of paper and made two lines - one straight (yours) and one curved like Mickey Mouse's head (for Olivia). So you waited until you heard the bus go past to get fully ready. Unfortunately, Chris stumbled upon the gap in the fence and, being curious, he crawled through... to his death."

            Realising that they had lost, Olivia started to cry whereas Gary remained still in his seat, merely hitting the table with his fist.

            "So, Olivia, as we already know, you got off the bus and returned to the hole near the bus stop. You made sure Chris had gone; he couldn't see you back there; it would have been very suspicious. So when you knew he wasn't out in the street, you squeezed through gap. But you crashed into Chris on the other side. He had been talking with Gary about what he was doing. Your accomplice was wielding a knife and protecting 4 or 5 bags of a white powder. Very suspicious business. When you hit him, he fell onto the knife and pierced himself. So, Chris, who is bleeding, falls to the floor. His head hits a rock as he lands, killing him. You didn't mean to kill him. Now all you need to do now is tell us where the other two are. For possessing the drugs you'll be put in a young offenders institute for a few years. If you do not tell us where they are and as a result, they die, you will be put in a young offenders institute for manslaughter. For a much longer time."

            "I'll show you where they are." Olivia called through a barrier of tears. She immediately led Benjamin and a uniformed officer out of the room. Gary, on the other hand, was sitting motionless. Grace knelt down and stared at him.

            "It wasn't an accident," he whispered. Grace leaned in closer and asked him to repeat himself. "Chris did fall onto the knife and began to bleed. He did fall to the ground, but did not hit a rock. Olivia ran off to get help from the school. Chris began to get up and threatening to tell the police about what I was doing. I couldn't let him. I started to pick him up when I saw Olivia coming back. I was going to dump him in the bushes but, when I saw her and realised that I did love her, I grabbed the nearest thing and hit him on the head. I thought that with Chris out of the way, she might be interested in me. I then dragged him into the middle of the field. I told her he had lost too much blood and that he was dead. We left after she said goodbye." He said without reacting.

Grace stood up and left the room. Gary followed her until he was stopped at reception by police officers. They placed hand-cuffs on him and led him into a car parked by the entrance. He felt the cold metal bite at his warm flesh. He knew that he would not survive in a young offenders institute and then prison. He was 14 and would get more than four years for murder and drug possession. He sat quietly in the seat and discreetly pulled a chunk of sharp glass from its hiding place in his watch. He kissed the air and as quickly as he could, he slashed his wrists, staining the clear glass with his blood. His head dropped instantaneously; the driver failed to notice anything as this was a normal reaction for those who have been arrested. Gary felt the life drain away from him suddenly, and held on to whatever was left. His final thought before he let go and fell into oblivion was of Olivia, his true love.

Quarter of an hour later, when the car stopped, they discovered he was dead.

The End

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