Chapter 5

Alexander and Lucinda were walking slowly from the music block. He looked up quickly and noticed the security camera flash red, telling him that the camera was malfunctioning. He swiftly overtook Lucinda as he was going to tell the office of the malfunction. Suddenly, a gloved hand covered her mouth and he felt himself being dragged backwards. Lucinda, unaware of what was happening behind her, continued walking. It was when he passed the gate and could not hear Lucinda; he turned and saw the attacker. He shouted. Unfortunately, it was half past four; everyone had gone home. He ran at Lucinda in an attempt to help him. The attacker pulled out a knife from their trousers and held it to Lucinda's throat.

            "Don't come any nearer. Put on these!" The attacker threw a pair of childish handcuffs at Alexander. He caught them barely and placed them on his wrists immediately. He stifled a laugh; the attacker was wearing a ‘Darth Vader' voice changer mask. This was the first time he had laughed since Will had been locked up in the lunatic asylum. The attacker led them quickly and quietly away into the shadows. Never to be seen again...

The End

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