Chapter 4

"Surely someone noticed this blood trail?" Grace exclaimed from halfway across the field. She stood near where the body had been found and pointed at a long line of dried up blood leading to the slightly overgrown conservation area. Suddenly, a football went flying at her; she caught it as her reactions were first rate. She rotated and saw the angry boy she met earlier. He introduced himself as Gary. She instantaneously disliked him; he regarded himself as about twice as important as he was and obviously did not care for his appearance. She removed her high heels, placed them in her bag and replaced them with a pair of ancient trainers. She dropped the ball and kicked it about 100 metres. He scowled at her and ran off. She half jogged, half walked to the end of the trail; she conquered the small hill in the centre and found a gaping hole in the fence - invisible from the other side thanks to a small bush - and a piece of paper with the remains of two lines of a white powder.

            Benjamin had failed to hear Grace shouting as he had placed the ear-phones of his iPod in his ears; he was merely following her as that was his job. He received a shock when the iPod started playing Disney songs; he had picked up Olivia's iPod by mistake. He left Grace alone to return it. He sprinted to the entrance and caught her just as she left the school building. He accepted his iPod and returned to Grace on the field.

The End

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