Chapter 3

The students were sitting silently in their classroom as Benjamin approached form the corridor. Their teacher exited the room seconds before he reached the door. Most of the students had remained in sitting, but about half a dozen had got up to change seats. He stood behind the desk at the front of the room and the students rose from the plastic chairs. He smiled; they thought he was a supply teacher. He expertly lifted his badge from his trouser pocket, flashed it at the children and they sat down instantly. “I assume you all know why I am here. My name is DI Stephenson. I am trying to find out who killed your friend. I will also need copies of all of your fingerprints.” He said in a slightly louder voice that what his norm was. Most students sighed, but he took little notice of them. A short boy at the back stifled a laugh, but it was still audible to Ben’s amazing hearing. Also, two young girls on opposite sides of the classroom began to chat to their neighbours. “You rude little brats!” he exclaimed at the top of his voice, just in time for the group’s teacher to hear him. Without even looking at her he yet again flashed his police badge at her. “One person is dead. One boy who only lived through 12 years of his life. Someone murdered him. We want to find out whom so we can lock them up. You do not have the right to laugh or talk to someone else because what I am saying isn’t very nice.” His cruel frown reflected his tone of voice. “Did anyone see anything?” His voice returned to a polite, friendly manner. For a moment the room returned to its silent state. Then a tall girl stood up, left her desk and walked towards the DI. They left the room and the class began its history lesson. The girl, who was called Fiona, turned out to have been dating the deceased. He could see from the red rings around her eyes, she had just recovered from crying. She had been with him the night he died; they had gone to the cinema. He had walked her to the bus stop just outside the school. She waved him off and that was the last time she had seen him… Last time anyone had seen him, except for his killer. She then began to cry, so Ben gave her a tissue. She dropped it and both people’s iPods fell out of their pockets as they bent over to pick it up. They collected their things, he thanked her for her time and ushered her back into the classroom.
The End

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