Chapter 2

"So, forensics," Roxanne called from across the makeshift laboratory. The lower school science room housed four officers, all of whom were interested in what she was to say. The two uniforms were sitting near both exits, preventing others getting the information. "Fingerprints found on the body are slightly smaller than your average finger. On the assumption that a teacher got very mad or angry and killed him, we are looking for someone with small fingers. Another officer entered with a sheet of paper in a large brown envelope. "As I am a smart person,"

            "And very modest too, eh McCamelton." Benjamin said under his breath. She merely scowled.

            "As I was saying, I already got the fingerprints of every member of staff, sent them off and here are the results." She opened the envelope slowly, to add suspense. She pulled the sheet out and stared at it blankly. "You need a new theory." She murmured as she showed the words ‘No Matches'.

            "I know this might sound stupid, but is there a chance that one of the children did it?" Ben asked. He knew no one thought his idea was plausible, but he wanted to catch the cold blooded killer.

            "Right. Anybody got any other decent theories?" Grace questioned. No one answered, so she allowed Ben to test out his theory.

The End

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