"This is Genevieve De Gaulle. I'm going to need someone to be her buddy." A number of hands shot up. "Okay, Iphigenia, you can look after Genevieve, who can sit, next to Felicity." I wove through the desks until i found me seat, flung my under the desk and slumped forward in the chair, leaning my elbows on the desk. The girl next to me, who had to be Felicity, turned in my direction. Hi, I'm Flick. Welcome to 10Pg!" she smiled, and brushed her straight, blond hair behind her ears. I could feel all aristocratic eyes on me. And I thought my last school was posh. "Take no notice," Flick muttered "They're just jealous."

"Why are they jealous of me?" I was mystified as to what exactly there was to be jealous of.

"Well a) darling, you're quite frankly stunning. b) people like you. Look how many hands went up when miss was asking for a 'buddy', and c) you're probably going to be clever, and musical and artistic as well." 

Wow, I thought. I've never been so strangely flattered, and embarrassed in my whole life. This was going to be fun. Until that is, they actually got to know me. And they would find out I am a complete retard. Ah well, it will be my little secret....

The End

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