A Whole New World


"Come on, Nieve. Get those boxes inside, it looks like its going to rain." Genevieve sighed, hoisted her bag over her shoulder, and pushed the over-sized cardboard box through the large door-frame of the old, stone house. Her mother was busy shouting at the removal men, probably for some insignificant mistake. She was like that. It would get on most peoples nerves, but somehow, Genevieve never found it irritating. Her mother was just organized. 

As the last boxes were shut inside the otherwise empty rooms, Genevieve wondered what it would be like living where there was so much to do. She stared out of the arched window, at the rolling hills, the fields of gold and green. It was so big. There was just too much to explore in one lifetime. Before, it had been house after house, all uniform, suburbia as far as the eye could see. But now, well, now Genevieve could look out over a world of new things, and know that they belonged to her.

 She plonked herself on the humungous bed, still with the plastic cover on, and spread her arms wide. Her room was light, and pink. There was a lot of pink. Her mother had clearly gone overboard. Then, hearing her mothers call of 'Nieve, dinners ready", she got up and made her way down the spiral staircase, getting further and further way from her bedroom the tower.




The End

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