Chapter 1

             The Undead.

            Kirsten had finally decided to call them that. It was what they were. They craved human flesh, and sometimes ate each other if they had to. Yet they wandered around the city carelessly. Even Undeads were like animals, roaming around their environment, searching for food wherever they could. A sudden thought hit Amelia when she was out in the world at night. She opened the mirror from her pocket in order to wake up Kirsten. “What do you want?” she groaned.

            “I had something in mind.”

            “What is it?”

            “If Undeads ate each other, would it be considered cannibalism in their eyes?”

            Kirsten examined Amelia’s serious face through the mirror. At this point, she wished she could slap Amelia across the face. It would be nice. “Don’t go past the gate.”

            “No fair, why do you get to cross it and not me?” she whined.

            “Because, unlike me, you can’t protect yourself.”

            She shut the mirror in frustration. “I can’t protect myself, you say?” she muttered to herself. “How ridiculous! Of course I can!”

            And here was one of Amelia’s stupid decisions. She left the comfort of the mansion and away from it. Into the city she went. This was about a week after they had awakened. Kirsten was the only one who walked around the city and knew where the supplies were. Amelia, on the other hand, didn’t. It was only a stroll around town for her… bringing no such weapon with her.

            Although one couldn’t blame her as much. Amelia was made for social contact. Kirsten was the guardian that protected her, or to be more specific, the body. Because of her inability to befriend others due to her distrust in everybody, the girl sauntering around the city named Amelia was born. It was nighttime, almost midnight. The city was covered in darkness, but the Undeads had no need for sight. They followed the sound. Currently, this girl was a Christmas tree. Even in  the dark, Amelia could navigate around the place. She was a night crawler, so she didn’t have any problem with her vision. She saw where the Undeads were and dodged them.

            She probably thought she was being smart.

            “Just you wait, Kirsten. I’ll show you.”

            Her primary objective, although she actually didn’t know it herself, was to find any kind of store with makeup inside. It was like something was tugging her shirt. Literally.
            “Eeek!” she cried before she was silenced.


            Amelia was caught in her thoughts that she hadn’t noticed swarms of Undead in her way. She was pulled into an alleyway by somebody she couldn’t see yet. The person released her and scolded her, “What are you doing? Walking around at night?”
            “… I wanted to go on a stroll?” she nervously laughed.

            From the figure, the person had thought that she was a female, in which case, he was correct. Amelia, on the other hand, saw his face clearly. He appeared to be young. Somewhere around the age of eighteen. There was a few scratch here and there on his limbs, but they weren’t deadly. His face was clean shaven. He wore a plain black t-shirt and blue jeans. An amulet hung around his neck. In his hand held a nine millimeter glock. The boy sighed, saying, “Follow me.”

            She didn’t want to, but she went along with him either way. Like Kirsten, he had know his way around the city. He sneaked past some of the Undead and slipped through some more alleyways, with Amelia following. Before she knew it, she was at the other side of the city within minutes. In the midst of all her thoughts, she had stumbled onto a group of survivors. They barricaded themselves in a... “Is this a bank?” Amelia questioned.

            It was already a week, and somehow they had built a fence to keep the Undead away. Electricity surged through these metal wires and it was powered by a generator with a solar power panel. So he said. Although it didn’t appear to be on. “Wow, you guys sure found something good.”

            “We’re just lucky, I guess.”

            There was a scout outside, he had seen two figures and pointed his rifle at them.

            “Tom, it’s me, Bryan.”

            “Ah, Bryan,” he said, lowering.

            “You don’t turn it on all the time?”    

            “Only if a swarm came.”

            Tom stared at Amelia as he opened the gate for them. “Bryan, I thought you said you were going to look for supplies, not a girl.”

            “Well, the plan changed.”

            Bryan led her up the stairs and into the building. Inside were about four or five more people. About each and every one of them were fast asleep. One glared at the two who entered. And though she was furious, she hissed at Bryan, “What are you doing? We can’t possibly bring in more people.”

            “Why not? Eight isn’t a big number.”

            The inside had no light. Nobody could really see Amelia’s face, and Amelia could see everybody’s. The woman had a dark crimson business suit on, and glasses. She heaved a sigh, and asked, “What’s your name?”



            “Nice to meet you.” She smiled, then she realized Jesse couldn’t see her.

          “Where have you been hiding?” Bryan wondered.

            “I’m surprised that someone like you is still alive,” Jesse uttered.

            Amelia ignored what she had said. “Up in the mountains.”

            “Are there anybody else?”

            “Nope, just me and Kirsten.”


            She nodded.

            Bryan said, “Where is she?”

            “... She’s currently in one of those houses up in the mountain.”

            “She should be safe,” Bryan told himself. “We can get her once it’s daylight. Until then, you should probably rest.”


            But... Amelia wanted to wander around the city. She didn’t think that they would let her out now. The girl was trapped in this shelter. She wasn’t sleepy at all, there was so much energy she could waste.

            Jesse returned to her spot, still a tad angry.

            Bryan showed her where she could sleep and she laid down on the couch. This was a big bank, and a lot of people came here, so they had couches in order to keep the people comfortable. She stared at the ceiling that was so far away. Closing her eyes, she dreamt of Christmas.


Life here looks comfortable.

            Amelia had fallen asleep, and Kirsten was already gone. I was forced out since it occurred to her body that I was still awake. I watched the people trying to sleep away their problems. It was funny, since the world had ended, and yet we still had to complete our daily chores. I was alway fond of things like this. In a world where people had to fight in order to survive. I guessed it cause us to show our real selves. Even me.

Ah, I shouldn’t be awake for too long. I might accidently startle Kirsten.

The Core 


                Kirsten was in a completely different place. Where was she? Where had Amelia taken her this time? From the look of it, a bank. Some people were getting up also. Kirsten quickly reached for her—no weapons. She growled, cursing Amelia silently. A man walked up to her, greeting her with a smile. “Hey, Amelia.”

            Amelia? Who were these people? Kirsten would love to ask her those questions, but she couldn’t pull out her mirror in front of these people. Bryan suddenly realized how beautiful she was. Blushing a bit, he asked, “Did you have a good night's sleep?”

            Her head was down, staring at her legs. He couldn’t see her expression, and glad that she didn’t see him all flustered. After a moment of silence, he began to worry. “I—is something wrong?”

            She shook, then looked up with a smile. “Nope, nothing at all.”

            “Good, because we should start searching for your friend, Kirsten, and bring her here.”

            “Actually,” she stopped him. “I think it be better if I leave you guys.”

            “What do you mean?”

            “Kirsten doesn’t get along with people. I can go back on my own. After all, Kirsten needs me.” She winked.

            Which was not true. She needed Kirsten.

            Gently pushing Bryan out of the way, she headed forthe exit. He tried to stop her, but heard something from Jesse. “Just let her go. We don’t need her.”

            He glared at her for a second, then he ran to catch up with Amelia who was in a hurried pace. “Wait a minute.”

            “I’m waiting.”

            They were both down the stairs, and Jesse was being a loudmouth, yelling, “I said just let her go.”
            “Be quiet,” Bryan hissed. “Amelia, I can walk you back.”

            She chuckled. “No thanks.”

            Rejected. Poor Bryan.

            “Well…” she was rethinking. “I guess I could use some company.”

            He smiled, tagging along with her.

            One would say that Amelia was stupid, or at least Kirsten would. Even in an apocalypse, she still acted as the same as she was before. She could never keep her guard up. Kirsten would actually be the blame, although she pretended to not know. Beside, if the body was harmed in any way, Kirsten would be forced out to protect.

            Though, Bryan was different. With him, she was as safe as she would be with Kirsten. They traveled across the city of what Bryan had called, “Silveria.” Amelia managed to elude the Undead—even though she had high heels and it tapped every step—and Bryan knew where the shortcuts were. They returned to where they first met within the same time. After that, Amelia could find her way back. He continued to trail along for her safety.

            The city of Silveria was filled with skyscrapers and high-rise buildings. It was a city for busy workers and for the rich and famous. In the mountain, lived the richest. They watched the city flourish and shine at night. Although they weren’t here anymore. The most important people of this country had probably already left the country in order to survive. The middle-class was left to face the horror of this urban blight.

            “Have you heard?” Bryan inquired.

            “Of what?”

            He stared at her weirdly. “Haven’t you heard the news? This is happening all over the country.” Well, Kirsten expected it.

            “I haven’t watched anything on TV for a week,” she replied. “Are you sure?”

            “So they say. Well, at least for our country. I don’t know what’s happening over the world. They also mentioned something about the eviction two days before Christmas.”

            “What do you mean? This was occurring before Christmas?”

            “I assume December 25 was the outbreak.”

            The two of them were already halfway into the mountain. Some Undeads wandered around aimlessly in the forest. There were stairs leading to the mansions. “I actually have never seen these villas on top of the mansions ever since childhood.”

            “Did you live here?” stupid question.

            “Of course. Did you?” another stupid question.

            “No. I actually don’t know where I am, well, until you told me.”

            “What do you mean?”

            “I just… woke up here.”

            The dead bodies that were left outside of the mansion’s entrance was cleaned up by Kirsten during the day. The blood stains remained. Somehow, the Undead didn’t have the tendencies to bring themselves up here—only dragging their feet around in the forest. She assumed that the heat was more powerful up here, but it was still winter. It would be a long time before their decomposing body rot to the point where they couldn’t move anymore. However, winter was here to stay at the current moment. It was down to at least fifty degrees. Amelia had worn a fur jacket that she found in the drawers in the master bedroom.

            Whoever lived in that mansion had good taste.

            Bryan stared at the mansions in awe before speaking. “Wow.”

            Amelia opened the gate, inviting Bryan in. She said, “This place is untouched. I figured that they were one of those civilians who evicted before the outbreak.”

            “It would seem so. Have you clean up this place or has it always been this nice?”

            “The grass is growing and I don’t have people to mow it. I’m not going to do it myself. Rather than that, it was left like this. These people weren’t in a hurry.”

            “It would seem so,” he repeated.

            The boy had his gun inside his holster behind his hips, and on his side, was a handheld transceiver. The distance of this walkie-talkie covered the entire city, so the people back at the bank would be able to announce if anything was happening. Though it would be difficult since Bryan had it turned down in order to not attract any Undead. He finally put the volume back up when he was inside the mansion. Then he continued to be amazed.

            Amelia stared at the mirror, still placed to the left of the door. Kirsten was crossing her arms, one of her brows raised. The two of them didn’t say anything to each other, or at least Amelia couldn’t, for there was company.

            “Where’s Kirsten?”

            Glancing at him, she answered, “She probably already left for today. She tends to go solo. This is just a resting spot for her.”

            He watched her for a minute as Amelia stared deeply into the mirror.

            Then, she gained her senses for the moment so she could say, “Thanks for bringing me back here. If you go out and into the other mansions, you could probably find lots of buried treasures. It would be my pleasure if you take them as a token of my appreciation.”

            “Thanks.” He smiled. “Although I stick around here for a while. This is my first time being in this kind of place. Funny that the worst time possible had given me an opportunity to be in this villa. I’m going to take a look around.”

            Bryan left the first room and headed into the kitchen. He was like a kid, and it made Amelia laughed. But then she remembered that Kirsten was glaring at her.

            “I thought I told you not to go past the gate, especially at nighttime.”

            “Well, that’s what you get for telling me not to. I don’t listen,” she pouted.

            “Your childish manner is going to get yourself killed.”

            “I can’t be killed,” she pointed out bluntly. “Since you’re here to protect this body.”

            Kirsten couldn’t argue with that. Amelia might have not known it—for she was the last to be produced—but Kirsten had known the Core. Cory, nicknamed the Core, was the main personality of this body, who appeared to have shut herself from the world and created Kirsten to protect her body. Well, after two years, the Core was gone and she left Amelia to Kirsten as a goodbye gift. Sometimes, Kirsten didn’t know if Cory was trying to make her life worse.

            “Are you planning on being with this man?”

            “Not really. He just wanted to tag along.”

            Of course, she didn’t trust Amelia with her words.

            Their conversation was interrupted when Bryan rushed back to where Amelia was, breathing heavily. “I need to head back. They’re in danger.”

            Waiting for nothing, he darted out of the door and sprinted as fast as he could. She took one single step before Kirsten yelled, “Why must you follow him? You’ll only get yourself killed.”

            With a soft smile, she said back, “I don’t need to worry. You’ll protect me?”

            Kirsten frowned deeply before giving up. “Then go back inside, I’ll handle it.”

            She nodded before blanking out. It was a transfer, and soon, Kirsten took control.


            Author's Note: Still wondering about the names for zombies. Bryan, hah. Tom, lol. Can these names get more generic? Jesse... ._. I don't name chapters anymore because they're usually too long and doesn't apply to the story. "Pfft, this chapter is weaksauce."

The End

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