December 25, 2014 was a day to be remembered. It was the day when the world ended. The day after that... was the rebirth of a new Earth.
--Still working on the title--

All I remember is a white Christmas.

            It was weird to wake up with no memories of where I was. I was in a room that was big enough to fit me when I laid down, which was about 5’6’’ to be exact. The bed was made for this room and only a small enough space for me to walk. The walls were dirty and brown, like no one had kept this place clean. I remembered a white Christmas, but my surroundings felt warm. There was no such thing as an air conditioner or a heater in this place. Today was December 26, 2014. It was the day that I had disappeared from the world. My world.

Or rather, the world that I have known is gone. However, I am not involved with this world anymore. So I fell asleep once more.

The Core


Kirsten had gotten off of the bed. There was a TV from the far left. She scraped a leg a bit when she left the bed because of the stand holding the television. This place was pathetic. At least to Kirsten it was. If this was situation for somebody else, they would be scared by the fact that they were abducted and into this creepy-looking room. But Kirsten had seen worse.

                She opened the door, slowly, in order to not catch anybody’s attention. Nobody here. Weird. The girl exited the room completely, and saw that this place wasn’t a broken down motel or some sorts. Rather, it was a giant mansion, completely new. Awkward, was what she was thinking. Why was that room in such terrible condition if everywhere else in this house was fancy? There was no need for her to think of this anymore, she needed to move. Whoever brought her here would be on the lookout if she woke up. Yet she had seen nobody as she hurried through this maze of a house. It was huge, probably ever bigger than an indoor school. It had two floors, presumably in the shape of a rectangle from what Kirsten could pull out of after heading into one of the rooms and looking out the window.

                There was a garden in the middle of this mansion. The wallpapers surrounding this place were of a tannish color. There were marble pillars at each and every corner. The ground was covered in marble also. It made noises every time she heels dropped to the floor. Earrings dangled from her ears, making the sound of a miniature Christmas bell. Her nails were painted pink with white flowers and polished to the finest. Kirsten’s auburn hair had been curled. Caked in makeup that appeared to be smeared. From what Kirsten could see, she was wearing denim shorts and a cowl neck striped sweater with a brown tank-top. On her right wrist was a bunch of colorful bracelets, which she thought was annoying.

                “Jeez…” she let out a sigh. “What were you doing, Amelia?”

                In a total of ten minutes did she waste figuring out where the exit was. She was nearly at the point where she would just break the window and climb out, but no, she wanted to leave through the front door like a proper human. Kirsten could’ve done it, anyway, she was on the first floor, there was no harm if she jumped out the window.

                When she found herself in the kitchen, she took the doorway that she didn’t enter. There, the front door that was three feet taller than her. Double doors. Before that, there was a mirror hanging about on the wall to her left. Kirsten walked toward the mirror and presented herself. Everything she saw was completely the same as she imagined, the only problem was that her mirror-self was smiling when Kirsten wasn’t.

                “What did you do last night, Amelia?” she asked.

                The image in the mirror moved, it had stopped following Kirsten’s movement and became a figure of its own. She shrugged. “I don’t know. I was actually going to ask you that.”

                Kirsten frowned. “Hmph. Fine, be that way.”

                “Hey, I’m just telling you the truth,” she pouted. “By the way, that’s a cute shirt.”

                “Well, you could’ve brought a weapon with you on your date.”

                The girl went away from the mirror before her other self could reply and opened the door. The outside was sunny, a fountain was in the middle of the front yard which could’ve been her house. The grass was cut recently, and still nobody was here. Suspicious. Kirsten finally decided to check her pockets for any kind of items. Her cell phone was in the back pocket while a pocket knife was in the right front pocket. She flipped open her phone and saw that she had no reception… even though she was out in the open. In her left front pocket was another item, it was a mirror. Usually it was used to contact with Amelia, and it was the only way. When Amelia was out, she probably didn’t look into a mirror once. It would explain why Kirsten had no memory of yesterday.

                She opened the mirror and showed her face. “Congratulation, you actually brought my knife. Although  you could’ve brought the bigger one instead.”

                “And have it on my belt, showing it off to people that I mean business? Hell no! That’s you when you walk around the place. I was on a date. An important one at most.”

                “Ah, yes. A date with the boss of our company. I wasn’t too surprised about why he suddenly promoted me to be his secretary.”

                “You should thank me for that,” she said, winking.

                “I find your method reckless.”

                “Well, I find yours dumb and slow.”

                Kirsten closed the mirror. It was a pain to argue with Amelia, and she hadn’t figured out where she was yet. Rather than she was in a mansion of an unknown place where it seemed that everybody went to sleep in the morning. A town of vampires.

                Actually… there were people outside the gate of this place. Although they were walking in a weird fashion. They dragged their feet, their shoulders slouched, face sticking forward.

                “Curse me,” Kirsten muttered to herself.

                The sighting was terrible. Either Amelia forgot to wear contacts or the contacts somehow disappeared. She was nearsighted. Casually walking toward the gate in order for a clearer sight of these people. “Pale skin…” she whispered as she analyzed them.

                Yet, even with a low voice, she had caught their attention. They turned to the entrance and started to growl. Without a second’s notice, they banged and attempted to smash the gate down. It startled Kirsten a bit, making her take a step back. Their skin was deteriorating, pupils gone, teeth darkened. They spoke no human language, only groaning and moaning.

                There was a theory in her head, even if it sounded stupid.

                The noise was attracting more. Before, there were only two or three. Now it had multiplied to ten or more. She gulped, scanning around the yard for another exit somewhere.


                Another option: Scale the brick walls.

                It was short enough for her to latch on with a single jump. Looking to her right, she nodded to herself. Turning, she started sprinting and landed on the wall with her hands holding onto the top. Using her strength, Kirsten pulled herself up and balanced on the wall. It would be better if she had climbed the mansion instead and took a good look at this place.

                From what she could gather, she was on top of the mountains. Somehow, these things got itself here, probably they were the people who lived here. Then again, their clothes did not match the rich surroundings. Around two or three mansions, including the one she was still in since she didn’t pass the brick wall yet. Then, glancing at the entrance, she counted those creatures. Twelve to be exact. And there seemed to be no others around.

                Twelve… she could deal with twelve… well, if she had something else rather than a pocket knife. Twisting herself to face the mansion, she searched around the place.

                Their people will become like walking corpses, their flesh rotting away. Their eyes will shrivel in their sockets, and their tongues will decay in their mouths. On that day, they will be terrified, stricken by the Lord with great panic. They will fight against each other in hand-to-hand combat. —Zecharia 14:12.

                Goodness. That thought came across Kirsten’s mind. Shaking it away, she wondered, “If it is, why is this place so clean? I was expecting more of a mess with everybody rushing out.”

                Unless they had left before these creatures came. If they did, then this place would be looted. Kirsten took a stroll around the mansion, ignoring the groaning in the background. A gate like that would be able to hold for a few minutes. Directing herself in the backyard, she found a storage shed. For the people tending the garden. There should be something sharp in there. Like… folding shovel and a machete.

                “What is this doing here?” Kirsten scratched her head. There didn’t seem to be a swamp around here. A machete had no reason to be here. “The shovel on the other hand…”

                She touched the tip of the shovel, it was sharp enough to slice off a head. And she might as well bring the machete along with her. Both of these tools had black, and they shined in the light. The machete had a sheath, and she attached both device it to the hips (by putting it between her belt).

                Walking in heels would be a problem, although Kirsten had to walk back home—Amelia usually fell asleep after her dates—quite a lot with heels, so she got used to it. It was just another type of shoe to her. The heels did have their disadvantage of breaking a lot, and that made Amelia angry every time Kirsten snapped the heels. In this situation… she would still complain to Kirsten. “That girl never changes…”

                Kirsten unsheathed the machete and went to where she was to climb. After leaving the barrier, and sauntered toward the entrance where the creatures had begun to lose interest in trying to smash the gate down. She exhaled, and gotten close to them. The clinking and clanking sound attracted them, staring at her with their dead, blind eyes. Soon enough, they charged at her.

                One single swoop was all that she needed.

                When the first one reached her, she dodged its obvious attack and made a clean slide on its neck. Once decapitated, the body itself stopped. The head, however, was a different story. Before that, Kirsten needed to rid of the others. These things were a lot faster, yet she could still dodge them. They were stronger too, smashing against the cement ground when they missed Kirsten. Each and every one of them, she made an orderly cut to the neck.

                The fun was discontinued. She sighed. They were still moaning, though. Even if they were apart from their body, they were still ‘alive.’ It would be bad if she left them like this, then again, she ruined Amelia’s clothing enough already. Then again…

                She marched to the heads and stabbed all of them in the brain. Blood stained her shirt, high heels, and arms. Bringing out another sigh, she took out her mirror and opened it.

                “Amelia, are you sure you don’t remember anything last night?”

                She looked at Kirsten with a nonchalant expression. Then, she cried, “Aah! What did you do to my clothes?”

                “I asked you a question.”

                “All I remember is that I went on a date for Christmas. That’s all.”

                “Was it snowing?”

                “Oh,” she uttered. “Yeah, it was. A white Christmas. Which was pretty weird since that place hadn’t snowed since the nineties.”

                Kirsten stared at the dead bodies, her eyes as equally dead as they were. She closed the mirror without responding. Wherever she was, it wasn’t her home town—Monarale. If this wasn’t a dream and the world had ended, then this would be the place for Kirsten to stay. It might be a bit of a disadvantage when it came to food source, but she would have to deal with it. She was fine with surviving by herself.

                If there weren’t any of those creatures, then this would normally be her everyday life.


Author's Note: Thinking about rewriting this, since it feels a little off.

The End

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