A whispered note

She had left without so much as a goodbye, had left and got dressed. The only sound had been the car leaving, which awoke him suddenly like the alarm she set was suppose to do. The headlights illuminated the bedroom as he hurridely threw a dressing gown on and ran to the window. But he was left standing there with nothing but a small note that she had left on the pillow, nothing else but darkness and a feeling that he might never see his own wife again.

Instead of telling the smartly dressed woman in front of him all the feelings that he had bottled up inside, he waited while she tapped the clipboard and almost murmerred something under her breath. She was determined to understand what had made her patient go from a lively and lovely man to a hidden shell of that former self.

"Phil, tell me what is going on. You know you can talk to me."
"I should be able to at the prices you are charging." She brushed off the comment and sat up right,

"Off the record," she placed her clipboard by her side and her hands back into her lap, "something has happened in the last few days that has made you different." He realised that he would have to tell her at some point, maybe she could help him understand what the message had been about and ulitmately why his wife has left him. The piece of paper that was kept in his pocket was worn and slightly crinkled from the amount of times Phil had been tempted to throw it in the bin,

I love you, so let me go.

His wife, his beautiful wife had left him and he had no idea why. They werent unhappy, poor or unsuccessful in anything they did. They were young and had known each from a young age, having been together more than 14 years and married for 6 of those; he really thought that he had known Jane. But she had up and left without a words warning, without any clothing or precious items that she had cherished for all these years.

"Phil, i am afraid that i am going to cut this short. I have another client coming in shortly, but later on if you come back i am sure that we can carry on." Once again the clipboard was in her hand and she stood to show him out. He followed sheepishly, having wasted his own money and her time, but happy to be leaving to go back to thinking his thoughts in his own mind and now having her trying to lead him through it, 

"Oh and say hello to your wife again for me." He turned around with a little confusion in his face, beforehand she had never mentioned her unless he had been talking about her, "she came round a couple of days ago and i thought that i might return the favour at some point and drop in on her at work. She still works down the high street yes?" He nodded and went out of the door. Why would Jane have gone to see his therapist, and then leave. What had been said? Surely nothing would have been said, doctor patient confidentiality.....well there was nothing that should have made her leave like that anyway.  

The End

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