The weaker side

"It's ok," Ben says, hugging the weaker me- and at that moment, i knew he'd seen me cry.
I hugged him back tightly, hoping he wouldn't see me go on like this.You see, i never cry. Well... of course i do (everyone does-don't they?) but I try to hide it- like most people do. I'm a 'toughie' you see- on the outside...not the inside.
The more I try to stop crying, the more tears escape from my eyes- and even though he cannot see it, he feels the wetness of my tears pouring down his bare chest.
I pull away from him and turn my face away from his direction, wiping my face, trying to sober up.
"It's ok- don't come any furthur!" I say warning him, trying to put on a brave act, but my weak voice gives it away, "So what are we going to do then?...Have you woke Mum and dad?"
His eyes grow wide in terror as he looks at me, his body growing tenser every millisecond we stood there, looking up at each other-and then we both ran.

The End

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