Jenna's Thoughts

I woke up this morning and heard Ben bumping around in his room. What was he doing?

My curtain appeared to be glowing. Slightly alarmed, I peered cautiously around it to see what was going on. There was a raging storm outside - our house must have been struck by lightning!

I ran out of my room, not caring that I was in my pyjamas, and banged on my brother's door.

"Ben!" I said. "Ben, let me in!"

He let me in, grudgingly. I was two years younger than him, a fact he often reminded me of. Ah well. Life's hard ...

"What is it, Jenna?" he said as he opened the door. He was in his pyjamas too - and they consisted only of a pair of shorts. I looked away hurriedly.

"For goodness sake, put a top on!" I said. He ruffled my hair. I hate it when he does that ...

"The house's been hit," he said. "I think the tree has fallen."

I gasped.

"The tree ... ?"

The End

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