A Welcome Surprise.

It was usually around four am that Olly arose against his will. A strange yowling sound from outside his window was normally the cause of this and more often than not the perpetrator was next door's cat.

Awaking with a start as this noise peirced his ear-drums at an ungodly hour again, he shuffled over to the window and scrabbled to find a suitable missile, he settled on a paperweight that he hated anyway and opened the window with murderous intent.

It was at this point that Olly subconsciously knew he had made a miscalculation; as he leaned out of the window to hurl the paperweight he was greeted with a large pair of black eyes that belonged to a face that was but a foot away from him.

"Of course, an alien." Olly thought in a slow, sleepy rising of terror "I wake up to a cat screeching and now I'm stood by my window with a slight erection and an elephant shaped paperweight with sodding E.T looking at me, this is going to be a bad day."

The alien did in fact look like it was giggling at the comical sight of Olly's morning horn; this was unfortunately a prelude to vapourising him until all that was left was a tiny elephant paperweight and the fast diminishing memory that at least it wasnt next doors cat that had been keeping him up...

The End

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