The Challenges in Challenge Hike

"That was the fastest time we have had today Ladies, well done," said the guy with the ginger beard, who's name I didn't know. We had just had to resite Twinkle Twinkle Little Star backwards.

"I think we can thank Natalie for that one," Ceris stated.

"Yeah, well done Nat."

"Thanks, I just wanna win so bad, I'm a really sore loser. Lets get going!"

After a while we came to our next challenge, naming all the celebrities pictured on our sheet of paper. We had only ten minutes to list all 20 so we needed to work fast.

"So, we need to know the name of the goalie, whether this singer is Lady Gaga or Christina Aguilera and who the hell he is," Becky clarified.

"Shall I text my mum?" I asked, mischeivously, "She'll know the name of that goalie."

"Go on then, quickly."

"Right, I really think it's Lady Gaga," I repeated for the tenth time, "If I'm wrong you can all slap me, that's how confident I am."

"Shall we listen to Nat? It's only one wrong anyway and we do get to slap her," Steph reasoned.

"Yeah, put it down, Emz."

"Robinson! The goalie, it's Robinson!"

"What shall we say for him?" Becky asked and pointed, "No one has any clue who he is."

"Guess a random name," Emily suggested.

"What, like, Graeham McGinesh?" asked Ceris.

"Yeah! Write that down!" screamed Steph and we all laughed.

"We are random, I would laugh if that was right."

The End

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