A Weekend To Remember

"I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was, dun dun dun!" sang all of the voices in the back of the minibus. We were on the way to Challenge Hike, a weekend away hiking for our Duke of Edinburgh's Award at Boy's Brigade and we were all excited. Only Ceris had done it before and the rest of us didn't know what to expect, making it even more exciting.

I was sitting on the three seater part between my best friend, Emily, and my pretend husband, James. I have 3 best friends but Emily is definitely my best best friend. We live only two streets away and our family is always going to their house and they are always coming to ours, they are like second parents to me.

"James," Conor started warningly, "you better keep an eye on Natalie, I'm sharing your tent and I don't want to give it up for you two. Use her tent"

"Hey, I'm sharing a tent with Nat!" exclaimed Emily from my other side.

"Fine," I said, "James and I will take it to the woods" I joked, winked at my "Hubby" and everyone laughed.

"Pocklington Canal Head, well here we are kids," Jonathan (Ceris' dad) informed us from his driving seat next to his wife, and our Boy's Brigade Captain, Janice.

We all cheered and piled out of the bus around to the back to grab our backpacks for this first part of the hike. We glanced at the other teams that we were competing against and noticed that they all looked miserable and some, dressed in army cadet style clothing were taking it a little too seriously.

"Ducks!" shouted Conor from over at the Canal Head, then preceeded to give said ducks voices, "Hey, guys, is it cold in there? No, just jump in, Steve! Ok, ok, ok, here I come, you lied! It's f-f-f-freezing. Screw you guys."

This brought us all out in a fit of giggles, it was definitely a you-had-to-be-there-moment, but with all the sugar we had had, and our own excitement, we found it hilarious.

Just then Derek, the guy who had co-organised this hike, spoke to all of us, "Teams! Get yourselves ready, the team starting first will be 17th Hull Company followed by 3rd Hull Company and Market Weighton Company. Seniors will go later."

James, Conor, Chloe and Daniel walked off towards Derek getting ready to set off after 17th, leaving me, Emily, Ceris, Becky and Steph to hike for the seniors.

The End

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