Day One - Drowsy Maggie: A Listener

            “Shut up,” I told him. “Just tell me. It’s not as if I’m going to tell anyone, am I? And what’s a Listener?”

            “If you’d shut up for a minute, I’d tell you.” He grinned at me. “Make yourself comfortable – it might take a while to explain.

            “Well, you know there’s a tune that not everyone could hear. It’s not always Drowsy Maggie. In answer to one of your many questions, I don’t know why it is today. Perhaps it’s just a ‘Drowsy Maggie’ kind of day?” I looked at him sternly and he coughed, trying to keep his face serious. “There’s a different tune every day. Not everyone can hear them. In fact, the only humans that can are Listeners. They’re quite rare, and you have to be born one to be able to hear it. It’s not something you can learn.”

            “Humans?” I interrupted. “You mean – other species can hear it? Like – aliens or something?”

            “Or animals,” pointed out Sean with a smile, and I felt foolish. Of course he meant animals. Aliens. I laughed at myself inside my head. “But yes, aliens too.” Okay, so maybe I wasn’t being so stupid. “And faeries, while we’re on the subject. Anyone who’s hung around with faeries for long enough, to be honest. Their powers sort of rub off on you.”

            “That’s what you are, isn’t it? You’re a human who’s spent their life with the faeries?” My voice was little more than a whisper.

            “A changeling, actually, to tell you the truth. Which is not what I was planning to do. But I don’t think I can hide it from you. You’re too perceptive for anyone to keep anything from you for long.”

**Okay, so this is all I've written of this story, which I started a while back. I'll try and write some more soon ....!**

The End

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