Pressing RewindMature

Rumors spread fast. Yes, I was pregnant with Nate's child. And his funeral had just passed. He would never know that he was going to be a father.

"Mace," Katie called, running for me across the hall.

She slammed her locker shut.

"Yeah?" I asked, searching through my purse for a bottle of water.

"I found a place," she whispered, "we could go after school."

"I told you. I'm keeping the baby."

"Why?" she asked, still confused.

I didn't answer, walking to my next class before I was late. No one understood me. I was not giving up this baby for adoption. And I was not going to abort it. My decision was final. The bell rang as I sat down in my seat. My teacher smiled, assuringly. Yeah right. Everyone knew I was Nate's girlfriend. And everyone knew I was pregnant. Even the teachers. It was big. I hated when people felt bad for me. They really were oblivious to all me and Nate had been through. They didn't know how much his death had really affected me. They didn't know why I didn't come to the funeral. I may sound crazy. No, I do sound crazy. But, I didn't give. Life was going slowly. I wished I could press fast foward. Or rewind. But not press play. Play would eventually bring me back to this moment.

But for now I'm pressing rewind. Starting this movie over, beginning with the summer of Freshmen Year.

The End

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