Potential? Potential my fuckin' ass. Idiotic girl, always let your heart ruin you. Fall-back option? Stupid thought.

Yeah, being stood up tends to elicit fury from most people. Thanks Trev. Thanks a lot. You sure showed me huh? I'm sure you feel like a man now.

The sun catching cars as they go by reminds me of the moon on razorblades. Its mocking me, like the asshole who claimed he wanted me. Like Matt who claims to care. Like everyone who is drifting away from me as I slowly fall apart.

I silently scream as I quietly break down. I'm still smiling, still laughing, still joking like nothing is wrong. But my heart isnt in it. Can nobody see that? I'm half afraid that the mask is too good. Or maybe they're so used to this, it no longer seems anything other than the norm.

The End

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