"Ready to keep moving?" I stand up.

When I stand on my toes, I can just barely see the blurry blue line that separates lake and sky. The gates between elements, gently closed without a slam, not even a click.

"Yeah, yeah," Leo sighs. "How much further?"

I turn and start hiking off the path, crossing a familiar field of blue flowers. They only turn this color for a week or two in the spring- we're lucky. "Not sure. I'll know it when I see it."

He sighs again, but I know he's not being serious. Leo's one of the more active people in my life. He's almost certainly hiked longer distances than this.

We're only a few miles into it when I feel something tickling the back of my neck. I turn my head slightly to see him flicking around a long piece of grass, a common weed back here. "Stop it, stupid!" I yell, laughing.

"All right!" He throws the stalk to the side in a defensive shrug, looking at me with eyebrows raised. "Are we there yet?"

I giggle. "No!"

A moment passes. "Are we th-"

"LEO! Shut up! I think we're close."

I shut my eyes, breathing slowly. We're so far away from the lake that the crashing waves are barely audible. I catch a whiff of wild onions growing nearby. There is nothing in this world more delightful than the softest scent of wild onion.

We turn right at the boulder, then left at the rusty shopping cart left here by some hobo. Then I hear the little trickling, so soft.

Just around the corner of a huge graffiti- encrusted boulder, and then we're there.

I hear Leo gasp behind me, a soft intake of air that certainly was not intentional.

"Now we're here." I sit down and stare ahead.

He sits next to me. "It's more magnificent than you explained, Amelia. It's beautiful."

The End

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