Waking up.

The sun is coming in through the blinds, and I can feel it this morning, warming me up, as it has done for the last two days. I open my eyes, and there he is again. The little boy standing just looking at me.

‘You’re bruise is fading’ he say’s and gives me a weak smile.

‘It won’t be long, and you will be gone’.

I know this as he told me yesterday, how my colour was returning, my aura healing. I’m a ghost of sorts stuck somewhere in between.

The others I see, like this boy here now. They are all the same, wandering around the corridors, peeking through walls. Young and old. Stuck in a place not knowing how and when they can leave, or which way they will go. Back to real life or into the light.

I leave my body and take the spirit boys hand,

‘lets take a walk’ I say. As we did yesterday, down the corridor, the busy nurses bay. I can hear them talking, see the cleaner still hard at work. The doctor rushing off in the bay, as the alarm is sounding.

The boy pulls me away, knowing what is happening, how often has he seen this. When spirits are taken away. We leave the commotion and head in to the quiet room. The TV is on but there is nobody watching.

I know in my heart that I will be leaving soon, and this poor boy I will leave here behind.

‘ what can I do?’ I ask. He knows what I mean but the answers he doesn’t have, he is the same as me frustrated and angry for being held this way.

‘ tell my mother not to cry, and my sister to stop hurting her arms’ and he smiles. ‘and peanut and jelly sandwiches, no crusts, tell my mother I want one everyday.’ I nod my head, as I promised him last night that I would do my best, come and visit him everyday.

I can feel a pull, a tug at my heart.

A jolt. I shudder. He looks at me and smiles, ‘its time, quick lets hurry’ and we run back down the corridor, and into my room.

Were we find Jake leaning over me, flowers in his arms, talking, whispering, I know those sweet words. The boy motions me to get back into me. I hug him and kiss his cheek. ‘I promise I wont forget’ I say, ruffling his thin wispy hair. Just as I’m sucked right back into me.

I hear myself gasp, as life is breathed into me. The boy disappeared, but I know he is still there.

Jake’s voice I hear. He’s singing a song, our song. Quietly singing the pain in his eyes. I’m willing mine to open, or flicker just once.

He sits down and takes my hand again, as he has done so often sat here. Looking over me, still singing the words which are happy but his voice does not portray. Squeezing my hand, I can feel him today. I can his touch, his skin on mine, my fingers are tingling as I try with all my might to squeeze his fingers back.

He does it again, the look on his face, amazement and surprise,

‘Gemma’ ‘Gemma, can you hear me, do it again’ he pleads. The urgency in his voice, as he hits the buzzer for the nurses, just above my bed.

‘Gemma,’ he says again his face close to mine, still holding my hand. As then I slowly open my eyes, blinking, as if seeing for the first time that day.

Hearing him shout and whoop with joy.

‘Jake’ I just about say.

The End

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