A Walk In The Park

A slight breeze rustled handfuls of brown and gold leaves from their home in the tree towering above me. Three of the dead things lightly flittered onto the newspaper I was holding, while another small grouping of them took residence next to me on the small wooden bench.

Two bluebirds landed at my feet and began to fight over a small piece of bread that must have fallen from the sandwich I had finished only a few minutes earlier. I watched their dance in joyous delight, until the slightly larger of the two birds finally wrestled away the piece and they flew off into the distance together.

Moving my eyes to follow the birds I caught a glimpse of her. Her long brown overcoat slapping playfully at her legs with each successive step. She was too focused on her Blackberry to notice me as I watched her pass.

I got up from the bench and quickly jogged up behind her. I pulled the pistol from my jacket pocket and jammed it forcefully into her back. “Keep walking and don’t make a sound. I don’t want to hurt you.”

The End

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