AWA - 2

'Has she been taken care of?' a man in a dark suit stood facing the tall stranger in front of him. 

'Yes sir, she will have no recollection of her life prior to the event.'

'Good. We can't have her continuing on the way that she was,' he began pacing, though a small smile tugged at his lips. The stranger remained impassive, his hands folded in front of his body. He was waiting.

The warehouse they were in was large and had been abandoned for many years now. High windows set into the stone walls about twenty feet up provided the only glimpse of the outside world; perfect for seclusion but useless for an escape. 

'Well you've been a great help,' the suited man spoke again before sighing softly. 

The stranger nodded in reply, still waiting.

'But unfortunately you are too much of a risk.'


'What's to say you will not get a sudden flash of sympathy for the girl and confess all?'

'Sir my job itself is strictly professional, I do not dwell on human emotions.'

'Still... I do apologize for this.' He clicked his fingers and suddenly a dozen figures began to converge in on the stranger.

The suited man was out well before the stranger drew his final breath.

The End

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