A waking nightmare

Seventeen year old Daisy has always dreamed of a fresh start, far away from the people who pretend to care for her. Then she's involved in a tragic car crash that leaves her with a broken leg, broken ribs and severe concussion. Oh and don't forget... long term memory loss...
It appears as though her wish was answered.
But in a world that is now dark and foreign with people she isn't too sure she can trust, will Daisy ever return to a normal life? Or is she doomed to remain in the shadows forev

When Daisy woke up, her stomach was a big ball of terrifying nerves. 

It was her English A Level exam today, the last exam she would have to take before hopefully going to University. She had been praying for the last six months that the final paper would be fair...and relatively easy. She liked a challenge, but when her whole future depended on it, she preferred keeping things simple. On the bright side, she was going to a huge party tonight, an end of the year event that everyone in year thirteen was going to. 

Including Lucas, the guy she'd had her eye on for quite some time. She smiled shyly to herself at the thought of him, before throwing the duvet off and padding along the landing to the shower. 

You're going to be fine Daisy. You're a smart, confident girl and you're going to get the grades you need to get into University. Who knows, today may just be the best day of your life. Lucas may take a second look at you. 

She tried to take a few deep breaths, focussing on nothing but the warm water running over her skin. She had revised enough that nothing in the paper should take her by surprise.

She took her time with her morning routine, concentrating on each action. When she went downstairs she found a plate of scrambled eggs on the table waiting for her with a glass of orange juice and a note from her mother.

Sweetie, best of luck today you'll be fine! I finish work at three so I'll see you then. Enjoy your breakfast, try to eat it all! Lots of love, Mum X

'Oh bless her,' Daisy smiled to herself whilst simultaneously poking the eggs to make sure they weren't cold. Satisfied that they were at an appropriate temperature, she followed her mum's instructions and dug in.

* * * *

'What is with the traffic this morning?' she had been sat at a red light for nearly ten minutes, slowly inching forwards behind a long stream of cars doing the exact same. She knew to set off in good time, but as the clock ticked closer to 9am by the second, she was starting to panic slightly. What if she missed her exam? Then what?

'Not going to happen,' she muttered to herself, checking her rear view mirror to see the equally frustrated face of the male driver behind her. 

The light flickered to orange and Daisy eased off the clutch, applying more pressure to the accelerator. She was going to make it.

Five cars got through before the lights flickered back to red, leaving her at the front of the line.

'GOD DAMMIT!' She smacked against the steering wheel, exasperated. 'Doesn't anyone care that I have an exam this morning?! An exam that my whole future depends on?!' 

Her gaze caught the driver in the next lane over who was laughing at her fit. She cringed, keeping her head down. 

It was just the stress that was getting to her, that was all. She'd be fine once she took this bloody exam. It would all be over. She could go back to her normal, if slightly boring life. 

The light changed from red to amber and Daisy breathed a sigh of relief. She was going to be on time. She released the clutch and and eased forward, smiling.

But then it came out of nowhere.

Something slammed into her from the side, seeming to crush her entire body. For a few terrifying seconds, her world was consumed by excruciating pain, a heart-stopping, disorientating fire burned through her limbs.

Then the darkness swallowed her whole.

The End

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