Chapter 3-TattooMature

January 4th 2oo8:

     Ok, it was the following day and I, Summer Davies was going to find my Chocolate Bear! Well, considering we haven't kissed or anything he's not mine, but God Dammit! I was determined to make him mine.

      That's if I ever see him again.

     But in a big city like Liverpool, let's just say I should be so lucky!

     So me and the girls were going to go out to the club nearest to where I met Chocolate bear. And so I had to prepare. First of all I went to a spray tan and let me tell you they aren't the most enjoyable things!

You must have you hair covered and you must keep your eyes closed. Not only that, you're standing somewhere in just your knickers. Not fun whatsoever! I mean, the only time I've gotten naked when someone is there is when I've slept with a guy. Which is three guys altogether, which isn't bad considering the fact I'm only 24!

      The first guy I ever went out with was really sweet. His name was Roy Jones. We were both 16 and he'd always be really complimentary to me. He'd always comment on my clothes, like he'd tell me that my skirts would look really nice on me, but he only said that about the shortest skirts I wore. Maybe it's because they showed off my deep tanned legs more? He also liked it when I  wore white tops too! And within a couple of weeks of going out we slept together. He was my first and was really caring in the bedroom. But what I couldn't understand was why Roy broke up with me after about 3 months of dating. I mean, we never argued. Ever. He'd compliment me (usually on my looks) and I'd compliment him on his football skills (not that I knew anything about football) and we had a good, healthy sex life, yet he dumped me. I can't understand it. But oh well, I'll always look back on my time with Roy with happiness and fond memories.

      Anyway, of course the other time where I have to get naked in front of people is when getting my fake tan done. So those are the two types of people I get naked in front of. Well, unless you count complete strangers because sometimes when I'm completely and utterly drunk I have a thing about taking certain items of my clothes off. Just last month I apparently flashed an old lady my bum!

      I can't believe I did that and am sorry to say I don't remember it, which means I don't remember her reaction. But I've heard a lot of people's version of the story and apparently there was a look of horror on the old ladies face and she ran off down the road. I mean, does my bum really look that bad? Maybe when I get home I should look at it in the mirror?

And there's me thinking I had a bum like J-lo's! Maybe I was wrong.

      So during all this complaining in my head I was thinking when is this fake tan going to start being sprayed on me. It's taking forever. So I open my eyes and within seconds the fake tan sprays at my face.

I scream. In fact, I screamed a lot.

I then began rubbing my eyes and the woman called from the other side. "Stop rubbing your eyes Summer."

But I didn't listen.

It stung like Hell. "Ow!" I complained. "Ow!" And by now I was jumping around the tanning area.

"Stand still." The woman called to me.

And then the tan was over.

I walked out of the room and covered my breasts whilst looking at the woman because I hated the idea of again being practically naked in front of her, thank God for the knickers!

"Does the tan look good?" I asked her and she didn't respond for a long time.
"Yes... It looks good." She tells me and I smile then say. "Great!" I said it in a happy tone and pay the lady and get changed.

After that I go home and look at myself in the mirror. I'm wearing this pink dress which goes well with the fake tan. However, I do look a bit patchy today, so it's not my best tan. Also, my eyes, sort of aren't proper white anymore, inside they are slightly tanned. Hmm... Maybe it'll fade. Or maybe I'll start a new trend! I mean eyes that have white around the pupils could be so last season! We'll see how things go.

So I sat on the bed and placed even more fake tan in the places where I looked patchy. The legs and arms mainly. But then I realise I was an idiot. Because I didn't wear gloves.

And now the bottom of my hands were a dark brown and it was all under my fingernails. Great, the one look I didn't want to achieve. So I ran to the bathroom, placed my hands under cold water and washed it off, but it didn't come off. This is bad.

I sighed and returned into my room and looked in the mirror. I could say that it's apart of my new style and that it goes with the inside of my eyes. I peered at my eyes again. Yep, even my eye colour has changed, they're no longer a blue. They are more of a blue and brown mixed together. And I like it! Ok, my eyes are still in a little bit of pain, but it was totally worth it.

     My legs carried me to my wardrobe of many fashionable clothes and I picked out this gorgeous dress by Gucci. It was light purple and had these little sequins and was a strapless dress. I pulled that on with a silver necklace and then grabbed a dressing gown and put it over the top to make sure no make-up got on the dress. Because the last time I got make-up on a dress I cried for a whole hour. Because it was a thousand pound dress.

     I put on loads of foundation over my already faked tan so no spots showed and over that went the dark and bright at the same time blusher. Then came on the liquid eye liner which I met a neat flick at the end of each of my eyes. Followed by the eye shadow which was a light pink which blended in well with the dark colours. After that I put on loads of mascara, so that my eyelashes would be thick and long. Finally light, silky pink lip gloss. My make-up was done.

      But as I looked at my nails, the ones which had fake tan under them something had to change. So I grabbed a purple nail varnish one slightly darker than my dress to contrast. And painted my finger nails and toe nails to match them. I slipped into some light purple shoes which match my dress, as well as show off my newly painted toes.

     There was then a knock at the door, so I ran downstairs in my high heels and answered it. Alex was there.

"Hey Summer." She smiled.
"Hey Alex." I replied.
"What happened to your eyes?" She asked me.
"I got the new eye spray tan, I'm starting a new trend."
"You opened your eyes during the bodily spray tan again, huh?"
"Yeah, I don't know why they don't give out glasses."
"Because glasses would make you have lines on your face that are white in comparison to the rest of your face which would be tanned." She walked into the house and then not long after the rest of the girls had arrived with a bottle of vodka.

Whilst they sorted out where we were going and chatting I went upstairs. I saw that I didn't need to wear a bra so pulled it off beneath the dress. And then I thought wait a minute the commando look is in, so I might as well not wear knickers too! So I removed them and walked downstairs to join the girls. "So we going to the club?" They wondered.
"Yep, let's go." I smiled and grabbed my handbag.

And the club we went to was near to where I met "Chocolate Bear." And not only that there was karaoke going on. However, the girls suggested that before I got on the karaoke I should hunt down for the guy who took me home the other night.

The search wasn't going well and when I did finally see a blond guy sat at the bar I'd had about five vodka and tonics. And I'd had a pint of beer. As well as five vodka shots. I was well on my way. So I assumed this guy was the guy that had taken me home, when in reality he was a lot blonder than the guy I saw.

     I pointed to the guy and Alex gave me the thumbs up whilst Yolanda was belting out Dirrty by Christina Aguilera on the karaoke machine. So I stumbled over to this guy and sat on a chair near him. "Hello." I smiled.
"Hi." He replied and when he said that I let out a little hiccup.

      He looked at me a little strangely, but I still carried on the conversation. "So you have very blond hair." I stated.
"So do you." He replied and I burst out laughing.
"Your funny, do you know that? Your so funny." He smiled then looked down and blushed then looked back at me. He smiled awkwardly. "Umm... Excuse me... Umm... What's your name?"
"Summer." I smiled.
"Summer, you might want to close your legs."
"What?" I asked and looked down. "Oops." I said and closed my legs. "Sorry, you know how commando is in and all that." I said blushing.
"Yeah." He replied, once again somewhat awkwardly.
"What's your name?"
"Cool, I've never met anyone called that before, its usually Sam, or Samantha or Samuel."
"Yeah, well, I am foreign."
"That must be it." I paused. "Hey, you don't happen to be the guy that walked me home the other night, do you?"
"Umm... I don't think I am. Sorry."
"Oh, that's ok." I smile. "Do you fancy doing some karaoke Sami?"
"I'm fine." He laughed.
"Ok, I should go now." I told him and went to walk off but instead fell off my chair.

       My butt collided with the floor hard. "Oh my God, are you ok?" Sami asked and helped me up off the floor and I sort of went numb in his arms. But then I looked up into his eyes, his gorgeous eyes. Wow, I thought. And then I moved my arms around his neck and kissed him. My mouth collided with his hard and moved perfectly with his. Who cares about the guy that walked me home, this guy was just as cool!
     But suddenly he pulled away.

"Sorry, I'm taken."
"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean too." I replied.
"It's ok." He said. "Let me take you back to your friends." He said and took me by the arm and walked me over to my friends. "Hey, I think you might want to sort her out. She's absolutely smashed." Sami laughed then walked off, I watched him walk off and called: "Bye Sami! Call me."

      Little did I know then that he was the Liverpool defender Sami Hyypia. Yep, I know, I made a prat out of myself in front of a footballer, that's a good way to bag one Summer! "Summer!" Alex said shocked. "That's Sami Hyypia."
"Sami who?" I asked.
"The Liverpool defender. You should have tread carefully with him, he's a nice enough guy."
"Oh, I'm sorry."
"Don't worry, we'll find you a new footballer. A better one." Yolanda stated.
"Ok, but I'm fed up looking for the blond one, I just want any footballer. Any will do." I replied in my drunken stupor.

      And then I saw a guy on a chair that looked absolutely familiar. I was sure I knew him somewhere. "What about him?" I asked and Abbey looked his way.
"No, under no circumstance can you chat up that guy Summer!" Abbey warned me.
"No let her." Yolanda laughed.
"Yeah, it's no big deal. I'll see him now." I smiled and walked over to him.

     All the girls were looking at me, just watching me walk over to this guy.

      I mean, what was the big deal anyway, just quite a cute guy sat at the bar who may or may not have been a footballer. "Hi." I smiled.
  "Hey." He replied and I sat on the chair next to him.
  "So, what's your name?" I wondered.
  "Daniel Agger, yours?"
  "Summer Davies." I smiled.
  "Umm... May I ask, what's up with your eyes? They seem colourful." Wow, this guy was looking at my eyes, that's really sweet. I smiled at him. "Well, I'm starting a new fashion trend if you must know."
  "Really? And this trend involves your eyes being completely brown?" He wonders.
  "Yes." I smiled. "Do you like it?"
  "Umm... It's alright." Bingo! See, this is where all the trends start. This Daniel Agger will want to go out with me in no time and it's all because of my new dirty eyes style.

      Daniel and I smiled at one another. "So do you like dogs?" I wondered.
  "There ok, I guess." He replied.
  "Do you like Karaoke?" I wondered.
  "Yeah, I love a good sing song myself."
  "Me too."
  "You do?" He asked shocked. "Maybe we could duet together."
  "Ok." I said happily.

And this guy wanted to sing some song called You'll Never Walk Alone. I mean, seriously, what the Hell is that song? I've never heard it in my life. So I said to Daniel that if we sing You'll Never Walk Alone then he has to sing Tragedy with me!

      So that's what we did.

      We moved an arm around each other's waist, both of us had a microphone in our hands. And we were singing. "When you walk, through a storm..." I remember always being behind on the music since I didn't know the words and I didn't know the tune so I was sort of shouting: "Hold your head up high!" And then I was screaming: "And don't be afraid of the dark!!!"

        However, I think I was getting the hang of the chorus... "And you'll never walk alone!!!" That was in time and we were swaying to the beat, arms in the air, then sang again: "You'll Never walk alone!!!" And as we did this I noticed a girl covering her ears. So I pointed to her and said: "You love our singing really." She just shook her head and the song ended and Daniel and I gave each other a hug.

      My legs carried me off the stage and we waited for other people to go so that we could actually sing Tragedy. After two people it was our turn. We return to the stage and we begin the song by bobbing our heads to the beat of the song. Alex and the girls are laughing as we do this. I sing and Daniel shouts simultaneously: "Here I lie in a lost and lonely part of town. Held in time in a world of tears I slowly drown." By now were swinging our arms in the air and skipping across the stage. "Tragedy! When the feeling's gone and you can't go on, It's tragedy! When the morning cries And you don't know why It's hard to bear! With no one to love you You're going nowhere!" During the chorus we skipped across the stage our arms conjoined and we were going round in circles just skipping and I got so dizzy I fell off the stage.

It hurt.

It hurt more than the falls I'd had earlier.

But I got up straight away, despite a few people trying to help me up. And I went back on stage, shouting: "Tragedy!" And to end the song on a high Daniel did a back flip and I was so impressed that I had to applaud him for that.

      And then we walked back to the bar, sat on our seats talking. "You have cool tattoos Daniel." I stated.
  "Thanks, I have quite a lot." He says and shows me the ones on his arms.
  "I've always wanted a tattoo, but have always been afraid to have one."
  "Oh, you should definitely get one. It doesn't hurt."
  "Really?" I wondered.
  "Yeah, it won't hurt more than what it must have felt like to fall off that stage." He smiles.
  "Really?! Then I must get a tattoo!" I say in a loud voice.
  "Ok, let's go and get one now." He said.
  "Ok." I replied.

       Once again Daniel's arm joined with mine and we went to walk towards the door, but Nicola stopped me. "Where are you going?" She asked.
  "To get a tattoo." I mentioned.
  "No, you cannot get a tattoo, what if you regret it in the morning."
  "Nicola, I've always been afraid to get one, but according to Daniel here, it won't hurt more than when I fell off that stage." I smiled.
  "Ok, but let me talk to the others first." She said and walked to the other girls whilst her back was turned, I looked at Daniel. "Go now!" I told him and took his hand in mine ad we ran. We ran and ran until we reached it.

      The tattoo shop. Whilst in there I looked at all the tattoos there and saw a gorgeous one of a butterfly. "Maybe I should get that on my back." I smiled.
  "Yeah." Daniel said.
  "And maybe I could put your initials in the butterfly wings so that I can be reminded that you were the one who encouraged me to get the tattoo." I smiled.
  "That's a great idea." He replied and then we walked up to the tattoo man and I said to him: "I'd like this butterfly with the initials DA in the wings on my back."
  "Ok." The man said and before I knew it I'd unzipped my dress until it was down to just above my bum and I was lying on this chair, on my front, so that no one could see my breasts.
       Daniel was by my side and he took my hand and smiled. "You ready?" He asked.
  "Yeah." I replied and in that moment the needle went on my back.

It was then that I realised Daniel had lied.
This hurt more than falling off the stage.
A lot more.

      At first I managed to hold the pain in, but after about a minute, I let out a long, loud high pitched scream of pain. "Calm down Summer." Daniel told me.
  "It hurts so much." I croaked.
  "Stop being a big girls blouse!" The tattoo man told me and took the needle off my back.
  "Hey! I felt you feel my bum earlier, so you can shut up!" I complained and Daniel laughed.
  "You can do this." Daniel said. "Just squeeze my hand, if it hurts too much."
  "Ok." I nodded my head and the needle returned to my back.

      I bit my tongue and I squeezed the life out of Daniel's hand. This time I lasted two minutes, but it's only because Daniel pulled his hand away. "Damn girl, you have a hard grip." He told me and once again I let out a loud scream. It got to the point where Daniel had to pin me down.
Because I was kicking and screaming. It got to the point where pinning me down wasn't going to work if the tattooist wanted to do his job.

      And unfortunately for me, I only had half a butterfly on my back with the initial D on one side. But the good news is I only had to pay half! So all in all I had my first half tattoo for half the price!

      This was turning out to be a good night.
      Daniel walked me home and on the way home he kept singing You'll Never Walk Alone. Hence why I know the words, because it's practically been imbedded in my memory now! And whilst outside my door, I smiled at him. Knowing by the end of the night I'm going to get a kiss out of this man. We'd only just known each other, but we'd already done karaoke together, got drunk together as well as the fact he got me a tattoo. So I thought of the perfect thing to say, which would be sure for me to get a kiss by the end of the night. "Would you like to come in for some coffee?" I asked.
  "What?" He wondered.
  "Coffee, do you want to come in for some coffee?" He looked at me in shock when I said this, looked me up and down and lost his words. "Sorry, I'm taken." He said.
  "It's only coffee." I told him.
  "Listen Summer, I don't do that with someone I've just met." He then stormed off.

       Ok, all I wanted was coffee with the guy. What was the matter with him? Doesn't he like coffee? Oh, I bet he's more of a tea person! Next time I should ask a guy if he wants tea. Then I'll get my goodbye kiss.

      So I didn't get my kiss unfortunately. But hey, I had a half tattoo at half price, sang a song I didn't know. In fact, learnt a song I didn't know and I came home.

     Alright, I didn't get a kiss by the end of the night, but all in all I had a good night out. And when I walked in my home I made a cup of coffee. Well, when I say made a cup of coffee it didn't go very well. I spilt the water on the counter as well as the milk, coffee and sugar. But some of it got in the cup and by the end I did have a nice cup of coffee. Except, unfortunately the cup was half full. Everything seems to be half full lately! So I took the cup of coffee into the front room, sat on my gorgeous and comfy leather sofa and turned the TV on.

      Since Alex is always telling me to turn Sky Sports on to check out the latest football talent I did. And you wouldn't believe what happened the moment I went on that channel.

It was him.

The guy I'd bumped into the other night. Chocolate Bear, as I like to call him. He was talking in this big interview, with this accent which I couldn't quite place. But it was him because he had the blond hair, the big brown chocolate eyes.

If only I knew his name! So I searched the screen. Beneath the interview it had writing that said: "Fernando Torres is enjoying his time with Liverpool." For God's Sake, I don't want to know about this Fernando Torres, I want to know about the blond guy! Who the Hell is he?! A picture of Phil Jagielka came up on the right corner of the screen. I already know who he is! I thought to myself and looked back at the blond beauty filling up my screen. "What is your name?" I asked the TV, but the TV didn't answer back. Dammit! Why won't anyone tell me his name? Ok, he's wearing a kit, a football kit, which has a badge on it. What does the badge say? I thought to myself and walked over to the TV on the wall and got really close. I looked at the badge, it said You'll Never Walk Alone on it. "You'll Never Walk Alone, what kind of club is that? I mean, they even made a song out of that." I laughed and then tripped and once again fell on my backside.

      Which by the way, my back wasn't happy about.

      After the tattoo and all.

      But then I thought this wooden floor feels cool and nice, maybe if I lied on it for just a bit.

       And so I did. But it was a lot longer than a bit because I slept there all night. What can I say? It'd been a good night! Xxx

The End

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