Chapter 2-WorkMature

January 3rd 2008:

Ok, I'm sorry. I missed a day writing this diary.

But I sort of had no choice.

I mean, I got so drunk on New Years Eve, that I was puking up on New Years Day as well as the day after.

And I didn't think that would be entertaining to write about!

So it's been a few days since I saw Chocolate bear, you know, the guy that took me home because I was drunk.

Yeah him.

But how could I see him because I didn't even know who he was!

So today I've decided to put him to the back of my mind and I'll concentrate on some work I have to do

You probably think I'm not the sharpest apple in the barrel and all that, which is kind of true but despite that I've still got an A level in English. And because of that A level, I'm a journalist.

And I'm not just any journalist, but a fashion Journalist!

I write for magazines, newspapers and I'm also writing a new book for all you lost souls out there who need your fashion tips.

Oh and I also have my own website called Summer Wardrobe! It's cool when your name can be caught up into such a cute phrase.

Anyway, this week my article was very different because I was writing about something that just last year I hated. Really hated. But now this piece of fashion had grown on me.

This is what I wrote:

Hello All!
Welcome back to my weekly fashion advice! This week, it will be on tracksuits.

Ok, I know what you're thinking why is Summer Davies writing about tracksuits when just last year I was criticising them? Well, here's why. They are simply back in fashion and it's all thanks to Cheryl Cole, Alex Gerrard, Katie Price and Posh, also know as Victoria Beckham. They have made the tracksuit look extremely popular in today's society!

     However, you can't just fling a tracksuit on and expect miracle results because unless you're drop dead gorgeous, miracles will not happen! And you'll end up having something in the form of a disaster!

     Tracksuits are brilliant for fashion because you can wear really dark colours (when I say this I mean black and not navy blue!) and you can also wear bright colours (pink please, not yellow. You don't want to go round town looking like a hideous lemon!!!).

     But despite these amazing two colours, there are a few rules that you need to pick out. Firstly if you're getting a tracksuit, then under no circumstances get one with lines down the side! And why? Because have you ever heard of the Chav rule? Exactly. You buy some expensive Adiddas tracksuit then everyone will be looking at you (and not in a good way). They'll be looking at you thinking you're the local person stealing all the neighbourhood cars, just to get the asking price down on that house you've got your eye on. And you don't want that!

     Oh and another thing about stripes down the side is, if you have a boyfriend, then the chances are he owns a tracksuit that do have lines down the side. Especially if your boyfriend happens to be a footballer! So the last thing you want is to match, sorry Posh and Becks but the matching look was never really in.

    But there is a bright side to getting a tracksuit with no stripes because you can buy them for any price you wish. For you people out there worried about the aftermath of the recession and all the cuts the government are making get off your bum and get yourself down to ASDA where you can buy a cheap affordable tracksuit that will look good.

And for you rich people, just get down to cricket!

      Another rule is that you must always wear a tracksuit with a white top. This is because to make a tracksuit look good you must have the zipper up to just beneath your breasts. If you pull it all the way up then you've just ruined the look completely!

The reason I say wear a white top is because obviously white tops make you look bigger and black tops make you look slimmer. However, with your tracksuit top covering your stomach you don't have to worry about uf you've been piling on the pounds because the only thing that will look bigger will be your breasts! See, it's a win-win situation! Black can be an acceptable top to wear just as long as it's not with the black tracksuit, or God forbid if you chose it; the navy blue one!!! Otherwise, no other coloured tops are allowed.

And if you are wearing a pink top with it, or a blue top, then it doesn't matter because you're probably one of the few wearing the yellow tracksuit. Sorry to be harsh to you yellow tracksuit lovers, but it's so true!

      Here's a tip, if you're going to wear a white top then wear a white bra because I'm sure you don't want everyone to know what bra you're wearing! Unless you want to wear a dark bra to get a guy's attention, then by all means wear a black bra underneath your white top girl! He won't be able to keep his eyes off you, or should I say them?!

      You must always wear the right trainers too. And the right trainers will always be white. It's ok to have other colours on these white trainers just as long as the main colour is white. I myself have a pair of pink and white trainers by Lonsdale. This is the one place the chav rule doesn't apply because you're allowed to get your Adiddas trainers or Nike or like me Lonsdale! It doesn't matter what the brand name is on this just as long as they're white and they look good.

     Of course you must think a tracksuit means no effort on make-up and hair. Well, you're wrong.

     For the hair you must style it to how you are going to wear the tracksuit. If you're going to have the hood up, then you'd be better off putting all your hair to one side down the front. Cheryl Cole was the one who started this trend, now you can do it too! Otherwise if you have the hood down, then your hair must be even on each side and must come down at the front on both sides.

     Now for the make-up. You probably think that you don't need any. Right?


If you're just doing a bit of running, then a bit of foundation, mascara and lip gloss will do. Otherwise, you need to slather it on like you should be doing every week!

You need fake tan caked on your face and neck as well as on the top of your hands. That way you'll look tanned and have a healthy orange glow. However, try to avoid getting fake tan under your nails or on the bottom of your hands because it just looks well, fake.

Not only that, you need to put on the eye shadow, the eye liner, the mascara, the lip gloss, the foundation and blusher and your hands need to have a manicure. As you can tell now a lot of work needs to go in to making yourself look good in a tracksuit.

      So for all you girl's out there who thought that tracksuits were to wear on a bad day. Or for all you girls who think you can pull off the tracksuit look without trying, then think again when you take a glance at yourself in the mirror.

Come back next week for tips on how to get the WAG look!

By Summer Davies.

And that was my article, ready to be published in the Sun newspaper! And because of the job I have it means I always have something to do and I have a nice house where I live alone because I can simply afford it. So yeah, life is pretty good.

      Anyway, moving onto what I did after my article. I went out with some of the girls. Unfortunately Alex and Yolanda couldn't make it, so this time I went out with Nicola, who you probably know by now is Jamie Carragher's childhood sweetheart. And Abbey Clancy, if you don't know her then Wow! That is shocking because she is my idol where clothing is concerned, she is the most fashionable person I know and I am proud to be half as fashionable as her!

      So we went out and had some coffee. And it seemed my plan to not think about that blond hair, chocolate brown eyes guy that walked me home was going down the drain.

"So how are you feeling after the other night?" Nicola asked me in between fits of giggles.

"I'm good, but I met a guy on my way home."

"Really? Spill!" Abbey said to me excitedly.

"Well, I sort of bumped into him and he ended up walking me home. I also got to tell him about the cool bomb bags and he was really nice. And really cute too. He had blond hair and these amazing chocolate brown eyes." I smiled.

"Oh, is he a footballer?" Nicola wondered.

"I don't know, for all I know then this could be a guy with a normal, no famous job. But he might be a footballer."

"You should hope that he's a footballer, because you know Alex trying to make you a WAG and all." Abbey smiled.

"Yeah." I agreed.

"Hey, if this guy is famous, then surely we can Google what this guy looks like?" Nicola suggested.


"Yeah." Abbey smiled.

     And so we all went to my house to Google this guy. We typed in Blond, chocolate eyes, male, Liverpool into the search engine. And what came up was an escort agency, so we tried something else out.

     Instead we went for Google images and despite the fact we specifically typed in the word "male", a lot of females came up. What was that about? I looked through all the pictures. And there was a picture who looked like the guy I saw. His name was Michael Owen, but Abbey and Nicola assured me it wouldn't be him as he doesn't live in Liverpool anymore.

There was another guy called Fernando Torres who looked a bit like him. Because he had the chocolate brown eyes and played for Liverpool which meant he was in Liverpool, but in none of the pictures he had blond hair.

Admittedly, the guy I saw didn't have natural blond hair, but it still didn't look like him for some reason. Plus, in one of the pictures he looked as though he was growing a moustache, this blond guy I saw had no moustache whatsoever. And plus, I was drunk so this guy and this Fernando Torres might not even have similar eyes. So, by the looks of things, my mysterious man was not some super fit footballer.

      But trust me when I say he was a super fit guy.

      Maybe it's one of those things you're not supposed to know.
However, Abbey and Nicola wasn't going to give up so easily.

"Where did you bump into him Summer?" Nicola asked.

And so I ended up showing them where we bumped into one another. And they honestly believed that we should wait there for the whole day to see if he shows up.

"You seriously want to wait here? Why?" And Abbey was more than happy to answer my question for me.

"Because if this guy was walking down here, not drunk that early in the morning then surely he must live round here."

"Maybe." I admitted.

"Come on, you know it makes sense." Nicola said and so we waited.

We waited and we waited.

But he never showed up.

There were a few guys on the way though that I thought did look like him. I mean, blond hair and chocolate eyes.

In fact, one of them looked very much like him that I went straight up to him and talked to him thinking he was Chocolate Bear.

"Hello." I said to the guy happily.

"Hi." He replied surprised.

"I wanted to say thank you for taking me home the other night."

"Umm... That's ok... I guess."

"I mean, you were really nice and I liked talking to you about the bombs in the bags I wanted."

"Ok lady, I'm sorry to say I don't know who you are." He said and stormed off, he obviously wasn't the Chocolate Bear. And I wonder why he stormed off so quickly anyway?

I walked back to the bench and Abbey states. "Well, that was a waste of six hours."

"Well, you thought it'd be a good idea." Nicola tells her back and I laugh.

"Hey, it doesn't matter. I had fun hanging out with you guys." I smiled.

"Look, we'll find this blond guy, how about tomorrow night we go out to the club nearest here and we'll see if he's there. We can call all the girls." Nicola suggested.

"Ok." I replied.

And after that we went our separate ways.

But let me tell you the following night was absolutely ace! Once again, I got drunk and you won't believe some of the things I did!

Anyway, I'll write more of that tomorrow.

Bye Diary.

The End

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