December 31st, 2943 – January 1st 2944

 “Hey you!” my Dad exclaimed running to me and throwing me into the air.

I couldn’t help myself from smiling like an idiot.  

“I haven’t seen you in forever!”                 

My dream was cut off when I was awoken by the sound of screaming. Jumping out of bed- literally, I ran into the kitchen to see my brother, and 3 other men, dressed in black. They were holding my brother’s hands behind his back, and tying them together with rope. My brother fought them off best he could, he legs kicking, but it was 3 against 1. Hot tears formed at my eyes.

“Stop!” I cried out, and did the least sensible thing I could do. I tried to help my brother. They were grown men, and I was a child. They would blow me to dust. I kicked, screamed, punched, and did anything to distract the gang from my brother. They couldn’t take him away, they just couldn’t. I couldn’t stand to lose another family member after what happened to my dad.

I realized what I was doing, and who I was dealing with soon, and I backed off, but the feeling of guilt came over me. I couldn’t help but think it was my fault that Luke was getting taken. The three men forced him out of the house and took him to god knows where. I had heard about what the gang did to captured people, and it was not pleasant. I would be doing a lot of praying that Luke would be okay, but I knew he wouldn’t. It was a lose-lose situation. He either dies or becomes a member of the gang by hypnosis. So basically, I lost my brother either way. I looked at the clock, the one piece of technology that was still around today. It read 11:00.

“What’s going on?” My mom rushed into the room.

“You’re a little late. They took Luke.” I said softly, and turned away.

"Wait, what!?" My mom grabbed my arm, forcing me to turn around.

"The gang took Luke, okay? Now let me go!"

“Well, we cant do nothing Skylar!”

“Mom, I tried! I really did, but I was scared. I feel horrible.”

“Oh , honey, it’s not your fault. I don’t want you to feel guilty at all. Well fix this somehow, okay?”

“How?” I asked, not to be negative, but to be serious.

“We have to pray, and we have to do whatever we have in our power. Now go back to bed sweetie and don’t worry. I’m going to start asking around and trying to figure this out.” My mom kissed the top of my. All I wanted was to curl up with my mom and cry, to stay with her forever, but I pushed the thought away, and walked to my room.

I fell into my bed, engulfing myself in an old ratted sheet. I closed my eyes, and tried to fall asleep. Soon enough, my eyes were dreary, and I was off into dream state again, but this time, it was my brother, not my dad.

“Skylar. You have to find me and save me.  You need to destroy the gang, please.”  My brothers voice rang out so realistic, I felt as if he were right next to me.

My brother swallowed before talking again.

“And you have a year to do it. Your countdown starts now.”

I bolted out of bed, my eyes shooting open.


What a great way to start a new year.

The End

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