A Voice That Isn't Heard

14 year old Skylar, living in the time period of 2943 has gone through a lot in her life. She has come face to face with the spine-tingling twenty-oh-one gang, lost her dad, and dealt with a friend addicted to drugs. Just when Skylar thought things couldn't get worse, the gang takes her brother. Skylar starts to receive telepathic messages from him, claiming it's her job to save him, and in a years time. The only thing Skylar doesn't know, is everything.

 December 27th

 I walked to the kitchen, the old and dirt filled floorboards creaked with every step I took.  Seeing a cereal box laying around, I grabbed a handful and shoved it into my mouth. Walking around, I quickly gathered up  my books, and made sure that I had everything I needed for school.

Luke nudged me, “Come on!”

"Coming, coming" I grabbed my books and walked out the door with Luke.

 The wind blew slightly, but enough to send leaves and debris off of the ground. They flew around in the sky, before touching down once more.  Kids talked, the sound of their voices echoing throughout the worlds “wasteland.”  It was like any normal day you would see, even back in the day.

Then, before I could walk any further, my brother placed his arm around me and signaled to the opposite corner of the dirt road. When I looked over, my eyes widened in fear, and my body turned stiff.  In front of my own two eyes, was the biggest, meanest, most gruesome gang of our time.  They were dressed down in all black, from head to toe. The only part of their skin visible was their eyes and lips. The name of this gang is the 20-01 gang. Everyone feared them; and with reason.  Each year, when a new generation comes down, they have a tradition to add a member. The search the streets, and pick random civilians, just going about doing their business. Once you are brought back to the gang, you are tested to see if you are worthy. If you’re not, you die.

I shuddered at the memory I have with them.  I was only 10.

“Where is it, kid?” A man dressed in black cornered me.

“Where is what?” I was trembling in fear, literally.

“You know what I’m talking about, now give it to me!” His face came inches to mine. Hot tears spilled out. I had no escape; my life was going to end right now.

“Stop. Obviously she isn’t the one.” Another man said.

The first man groaned. “Scat!” He waved his hand in front of my face and I took off, running home, where I would never have to face the world again if I didn’t want to.

 Tears threatened to spill once again, this time at the memory.  I had to stay strong, I was 14. My head turned the other way; I didn’t dare look at them.  It was best for my safety, and my emotional capability. Instead, I continued to walk, keeping them out of sight, until I reached school, ready to face yet another day in today’s world.



The End

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