A Visitor at night!

There is goes again. I thought as my mind comes too, shaking off my sleep. I looked at the clock, same time again, 3:30. I turned my head, just as I had so many times the last few nights, but couldn’t see anything. Just the blackness of my room, not even the moonlight tonight to cast any shadows. I listen, my heart beating like mad, that I swear I can hear it. Trying to slow down my breathing so I can listen.

Nothing, its so quiet, then creak it goes.

‘hello’ I say out loud.

Nothing I wait.

Trying to suppress the panic raising in my chest.

Then again, it goes. One, two, three, like steps. Walking across my landing. But there is never anyone there. Always the same, I think and then again outside my door the floor creaks. I strain my eyes, slowly adjusting to the lack of light. I see nothing, well nothing that shouldn’t be there anyway. The outline of my bedroom door, the silhouette of my mirror and my chair by the window. Everything as it should be.

Then its moving away, in to the bathroom. I can feel it in the air. Nothing bad. Just a presence, a feeling of someone there, watching, a visitor!

That’s what the psychic said. A woman. Alone but still uninvited all the same. Attracted to the positive energy, the well being in my house.

It goes again,floor boards that don't usually greak. Over past the sink, and the system groans, almost as if someone is leaning over the back, full body weight on top. I wait.

Talk to her, she said. Ask her her name. I think it over in my head, too scared to speak out, for what I may hear. My voice too meek, too quiet, I can hear my own fear. Do I really want a answer though.

And then the light goes on. Then its gone.

Nothing, all quiet. Feelings have gone. I feel my way out of the duvet and switch on the light. Suddenly feeling braver, as I pad bare foot across the floor, holding on to the door post as I look into the bathroom.

Nothing there, everything as I left it. Nothing moved, everything in its place, but then I notice something. Something I haven’t seen before. On top of the system, small and bright, shining at me. I walk over to pick it up. Leaning in I just glare. It wasn’t there before, it doesn’t belong to me either, I think. Picking it up. The size of a penny maybe, silver too, one half of a heart. I turn it over in my hand feeling it soft and cool, and inscribed on the back. A letter.

‘D’ I say out loud. D I think, why is that me?

‘ I’m D’. I gasp and I drop it ,almost as suddenly its feels so hot.

Burning my fingers, I turn and leave. Leaving the light on I get back into bed and pull the duvet up over my head, closing out the light, eyes squeezed shut. I trying to clear thoughts.

The End

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