It was 11pm on a dark November night and Andrea was driving down a dark country road after seeing her boyfriend she was in a calm and happy mood as the evening went well and the sex was immense, she was in love and euphoric.

Andrea started to lose control of her car as her steering felt odd.  She did not want to get out of her car as it was a dark , she felt vulnerable as she was a lone female and was concerned as to who was about also if she had an accident who would help her?  and who would look after her kids if she was in hospital or worse dead?  all types of thoughts were going through her head as she was going from a feeling of euphoria to panic and anxiety.

At this point she was going to take the risk and stop the car.

"keep driving! you will be safe" came a male voice behind her. Andrea looked up in her mirror and saw a man sitting on the back seat.

" How the fuck did you get in here" she shouted.

"Don't worry! I'm here to protect you, not harm you" he replied in a soft voice

"who are you?" Andrea was puzzled

"My names Michael, I'm here to protect you" His voice was soft, calm and soothing

Although Andrea was puzzled she felt safe and continued her journey home, a while later she arrived outside her house she looked over at the back seat and nobody was there.

Andrea stepped out of her car, pressed the button on her key to activate central locking and walked indoors baffled as to who was on the back seat of her car.

"We're the kids well behaved" Andrea asked Jean her mother who had been baby sitting

"Good as gold" replied the mum, "anyway i must head off now as i got to be up early with your dad tomorrow"

"OK, and thank you for babysitting" said Andrea as she was walking towards the door with her mum.

"Is all OK with you" asked Jean as she noticed the puzzled look on her daughters face.

"Yes mum, tonight was good....different but good"  This put a smile on Andreas face

"You know I worry! anyway goodnight dear" with that Jean walked to her car .

Andrea closed her front door, again feeling euphoric and walked off upstairs to bed.

The End

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