if i could escape?

if i could leap from this tower on the wings of Mercury, and soar away into a new world with the blessing of the gods, just me and Minos.. father's enemies would pursue us and jealous suitors would be relentlessly trying to do away with me for envy of those beautiful swirling, burning eyes of his. that diamond edged figure that he worse so comfortably. the razor sharp wit and imperious yet easygoing voice that could caress the senses so gently yet put the empire's greatest orators to shame in a single syllable of divine liquid glory.

oh i wondered that Minos might even himself be some sort of demi-god.

and when he and i were free, hidden away from the world where noone could find us, alone with each other and nothing to bind us, hold us back or tear us apart, without walls or barriers. no rules, no regulations, no this, that, do, don't and nobody to get in our way. Then we would come together like two brightly dancing sparks from the spear of Jupiter and our passion would burn so brightly that even a whisper of it would be heard throughout all the heavens and the earth. our love would outshine the sun and the moon and even Eros would be humbled by our pure unsullied fire.

but there i go again

the fantasies go on. and on. and on. and on......

OH! will these walls not crumble before my desire? will i not be set free from this vile prison even in my own mind? how? how can these walls confine everything i know? my thoughts, my dreams, my hopes all wrapped up and entombed, separated from the outside. these walls, these walls closing in like a net of shadows, ink running dark and obscuring the liquid delight of my colourful imagination, dying the light of my mind's eye nothing but black. Oh can i not escape? will i never be free?!

silent tears ran down my cheeks. and a cold shuddering overcame me. i'm not sure how long i didn't move for. it was dark by the time i came to my senses.

what's that? a light? flickering lights outside my window. normally only the moon shines, is someone coming to my tower? Is it him? what is happening or am i dreaming again? nervously i edge over to the window. pulling back the curtains reveals...

The End

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