"No duh!"Mature

Secretly excited, I walk a little faster toward home, unlock the door and fling it open. Throwing my backpack to the floor, I grab my adjustable Fisher-Price roller skates and head out to the driveway for an afternoon skate. I love these skates and how they give me the slightest feeling of adequacy. That nagging feeling of invisibility and loneliness fades ever so slightly. Oh how I wish I could go farther than the driveway, away from the random pieces of gravel that constantly impede my speed.

"I know!" I say to myself, skating as fast as the plastic skates and gravel will allow. Wobbling toward the house, I grab the tattered broom from under the carport and begin to sweep the pieces of manmade rock out to the street. Delighted that I would soon be skating at full capacity, I continue sweeping, but am soon distracted by the sound of a car idling behind me. I turn to look and see my mother impatiently motioning from the driver's seat for me to move aside so she can pull into the driveway. My joy turns to dejection as I move out of her way, allowing her to pull forward. She gathers her belongings and clumsily steps out of the dented silver car, barely making eye contact.

"Mom, can I please, please, please skate on the driveway more?" I plead, with a sound of desperation in my voice. "I was just sweeping the rocks away so I could skate fast."

"Hi, to you too," she said, still not looking at me.

"Sorry. Hi. Can I please now?"

"Not now. Maybe later I can move the car and let you skate."

"Oh, Mom, please?" I carry the e out long to accentuate my desire.

Frustrated she complains, "I have had a long day and I just need to rest for a minute."

"No duh!" I could have quoted her before the words even escaped her lips. A feeling of rage quickly rises from my gut and I stomp my skate, causing me to lose my balance. I fall dramatically to the ground, scraping my knee and begin quietly crying... hurt, but mostly angry. Looking up to my mother's irritated face; I sarcastically say, "You are always "tired" and "need to rest" for a "minute."

"Please stop doing those stupid air-quotes and come inside."

The End

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