A view atop the Rainbow.Mature

The ringing in Meagan’s ears made her eyes shoot open. She turned to her side where her heavy eyes met the flashing neon numbers on her alarm clock. She reached over and slammed her hand down on the snooze button. "Ughh how am I going face school today, I wasn't planning on staying up so late."

She yawned and gasped at the fowl odor of her morning breath. Meagan stared at the ceiling as the light from the rising sun came through her partially cracked window. Her sleepy, dazed eyes began to close again for a few more moments of sleep, when the alarm rang through her ears again. "Ughh", Meagan climbed out of bed and paused a moment to rub her eyes. She dragged her body across the room to the door, turned the handle and cringed at the screeching that echoed through the room.

"Why is it when your the first person up you seem to make the most noise?"..She pulled the door open and walked into the hall. Entering the bathroom and flipping on the light, She walked over to the mirror and gazed at her pale complexion that stared deep into her eyes. She had frizzy red hair and deep green eyes that seemed to shine like radiant pools of emerald water. After she took her hot shower and managed to find the outfit that would make her stand out the most, she walked down to the kitchen to grab a bite to eat. Her mother, sitting at a small breakfast nook, looked up from sipping her morning coffee, extra black as always Meagan thought to herself. “Do you have enough money for lunch hun?” Her mother asked, in that typical motherly voice.

"yes mom, I’m all set." Meagan replied. Meagan looked down at her plate of waffles. As she was about to take her first bite, the clock in the hall tolled the dreaded 8:00am, "Oh no!" Meagan exclaimed. "I’m going to miss the bus!".. Meagan ran to her room and grabbed the unorganized heap of papers on her desk and bolted out the door, down the steps, and rounded the corner just as the bus pulled up to the stop. Nothing would prepare Meagan for the event that would utterly change her life forever. Arriving at the bus stop almost to late, she found a seat toward the back of the bus, next to her seemingly perfect friend, Laura Halogen.

Meagan gazed out the window of the slow moving bus, she watched the trees pass by and the rows of neat and tidy houses. " So how was your night?" asked Laura. "It was hectic, and everything else you can think of." Megan sighed. "Well I tried IMing you last night, but you didn’t respond.. I assumed you were out doing something.” Laura said slyly, she knew that Megan wasn’t the type to go out. The bus slowed as it approached another stop. Meagan stared out at the group of kids getting on the bus. Laura seemed to ramble on about a problem of hers, but Meagan didn’t really pay attention.. She was always envious of Laura. Laura had long blonde hair, lush red lips, and crystal blue eyes. Meagan always thought that maybe she would get as many guys as Laura if she looked like that. Meagan always wondered why she never had any luck with guys, she seemed to have more girl friends then guy friends. The bus continued on down the road. "

Only a few more blocks to go." thought Meagan. The school was now in plain sight, the bus slowed turned the corner and up to the front of the old red brick building. Meagan got up as well as the other students, to make their way through the door that they all knew and called the gateway to hell.

Laura tapped Meagan on her arm, Megan turned to see what she wanted. "hey I’m gonna go to class so I can get help on my homework, so I'll see ya later.". "Okay" Meagan said, she could hardly hear what Laura had said due to the noise in the hall.

Meagan walked to her locker, turned the dial to 3,21,40.. and yanked the locker open. Just as she did a landslide of books, papers, pens, and other belongings came rushing out and on to the floor. Meagan felt her face turn red, her cheeks were hot and her eyes started to water a bit. She bolted down to the floor and franticly started to gather up the mess to stuff it away and try to forget what had just happened. It was a futile attempt as she was dropping as much as she was gathering, all the while not paying attention to the gawking crowd behind her. It wasn’t until she heard the snickering and laughter from her peers, that she turned around. She gathered what she could, threw it in her locker, grabbed the book she needed and slammed it shut again. She hid the tears until she was in the safety and solitude of the girls restroom.

Meagan shoved the door open, ran to the sink to turn the water on. She splashed the cool water on her face and then look at her self in the mirror. "Why do I let my self get worked up like that?" Meagan continued to stare at herself, many thoughts were racing through her head. She was always the easiest to upset, always, every time, the littlest things. Laura came in a few seconds later, "I saw what happened." said Laura.. "You did?" Meagan blushed. "You cant keep letting yourself get so worked up Meagan, It wasn't that big of deal." Laura said, trying her best to not sound like a bitch.

After being consoled, Meagan and Laura went their ways to separate classes. When Meagan got to hers, and got to her seat, she happened to notice that a few of her classmates, no, more than a few of her classmates where throwing her some odd looks. Even a few passing whispers between one another, what was going on? Meagan began to turn red again, and she could feel the tears flood her eyes. She felt like running back to the bathroom, but just as she was about to jump up from her seat, the teacher walked in. "Class take out your vacation essays, you will be handing them in, after I grade them I'll hand them back and you will present them to the class." she piped. Meagan figured that if since the teacher was in the room, the odd behavior from her peers would stop. She took her essay out of her bag and attempted to hand it to the boy in front of her, she noticed that she was given an odd look from him. She turned around to get the paper from the girl behind her, the girl stared at her as if she was a nasty little bug, that needed to be smashed into many little pieces. Meagan just smiled hesitantly, and waited to receive the paper, the girl just continued to look, and then handed the paper to the person beside her.

Meagan turned back around, all the while thinking to her self that the day was going to get worse. The day wore on, and all ready Meagan had gotten through three of her classes." Good lunch is next, Now i can just go have fun and hang out with Laura." Meagan thought to her self. She was in her 4th hour and was setting through a boring lecture on moss, and fungi. The teacher was about to ask a question when the lunch bell rang. Meagan ran to the door, she didn’t know why but she looked back to notice a few of her class mates were taking some precaution and walked as far away from her as they could, a few were even laughing. Meagan got to the cafeteria and claimed her seat. She waited for Laura to get to the table. Meagan scanned the surrounding area to find her.
Meagan found her standing with a group of students, they seemed to be talking about something. Then Laura walked over and sat beside her. Megan said hey, and was about to start a conversation, when Laura cut in. " Meagan I don’t know if you knew this, but there are some rumors going on about you." Laura said.. Meagan just looked at her with a nervous expression, " Like what sort of rumors?" she asked in a low voice. " Here, this was found in the hall way, you must of dropped it when you ran to the bathroom."

Meagan grabbed the paper, and her eyes grew wide. She couldn?t believe what she had done.

Meagan read the words on the paper over and over. She couldn't believe that this was happening. How did this even get mixed in with her stuff? Meagan retraced her steps in her head. Then it dawned on her, she must of grabbed it when she was rushing around this morning.

Meagan got up for her seat, folded the paper, and stuffed it into her pocket. She slowly walked out of the cafeteria. She was in sheer shock from what had just been realized. Meagan walked down the halls with no intention of going anywhere. People looked at her and laughed, others looked at her with pity.

Meagan then realized she wanted to go home. she walked to the front doors and left, she didn?t care if she got into trouble. She pushed the doors open and walked down the street. she only live a few blocks away.

She got home, and went inside. Her mom was still there and was a little surprised to see her home so early. Was today and early dismissal?" she asked. Meagan didn’t reply, she just walked up the stairs and to her room, still in shock and a little dazed.

She shut her door, went over to her desk and looked through all her papers, and then she found it. her journal. and one of the pages had been ripped out. The page with her biggest confession, The one that nobody was supposed to read except her.

Meagan flopped on her bed. Still a little shocked. She just wanted to forget about this day. She dozed off and slept for a few hours, when her mom came in. " Honey you have a phone call, It's Laura.". Meagan reached over to pick up her phone. She waited till her mom left the room, before she started with any conversation. When she was sure her mom had gone all the way down stairs she said hello. " Hey Meagan what’s up?" asked Laura. Meagan was a little surprised to hear Laura acting like nothing happened. that talked for almost an hour. Meagan felt as if what had happened had all just been a dream.

But then what happened next would ruin her happy moment. The question that would change her life. " So about today." Laura asked. " Is it true?".she asked with some hesitation. " Is what true?" Meagan replied hoarsely. " is it true that your a Lezzy?".. Meagan was quite.. she knew that her life had just crashed all around her.

" Are you there?, Helloooo." Laura asked in a annoyed voice. " Uhh, yeah I’m here." replied Meagan. There was a long moment of silence exchanged between them. " So back on the topic, are you?" Laura asked again. Meagan was quite for awhile, she didn't know what to really say. But what she did say, was a complete give away. " Well what if I am, would you still be my friend?" Meagan said in a low tone, so low that Laura asked for her to repeat it. " Well what if I am." Meagan said again, in a louder more clear voice. Meagan was getting nervous, and she could hear something in the background of conversation. It sounded like laughing. " What’s that noise?" Meagan asked. The laughing grew a little louder, and then it got quite again. Then Laura's voice came back again, and in a loud yell Meagan’s worst nightmare came true. " Hey everybody she is a Lezzy!" yelled Laura. Laughing filled Meagan’s ears. She had been on speakerphone and the star of a cruel and heartless act, committed by her, once thought, best friend. Meagan slammed down the receiver, and buried her head into her pillows and wept. She cried her self into a long and restless sleep.

Meagan awoke the next morning, she seemed fine, as if nothing the night before happened. Then she remembered the night before and an empty cold feeling filled her, she felt betrayed. Meagan walked to the bathroom, and looked at herself in the mirror, and the same pale image looked back at her. She feared to ever walk back into the school. Meagan didn't even want to think about what the day would be like. She walked down stairs and sat at the breakfast table. " I heard you crying last night, you want to tell me why?" asked her mom in a concerned voice. " No, It's fine." Meagan finished her breakfast. She looked at the time, and it was almost time to go. She thought about asking her mom for a ride, but then she knew that her mom would ask her why, and then she wouldn't even know what to tell her. She was a little hesitant but she decided to ride the bus, what ever happened on the bus, would let her know how school would be.

She went to her room to get her stuff, and this time made sure she didn't grab anything she would later regret. Once she had everything she walked out the door and headed to the bus stop. As Meagan walked down the sidewalk she look to her right, across the street and saw Laura. Laura looked at her and then looked away very quickly. Meagan felt like screaming, but she left it inside, to cook, to grow until she was ready to let it all out. She got to the bus stop and stood near the corner. Meagan noticed that everyone was looking at her, some even talking to others about her. She ignored them, and thought to her self, " This shouldn't be too hard, as long as i can just ignore them all day." She stood there waiting for the bus, when one of the kids at her stop said something. " Look at her, standing on the corner like a little lezzy slut, probably waiting for her lezzy lover." the kid said, then turning to his friend to laugh. Meagan’s heart turned cold, ice cold. She could feel the pain weld up inside of her. She wanted to cry, but she knew if she did they would win. She held out as long as she could, then the bus came into sight. A mixture of relief and dread came over her.

The bus pulled up, and slowed to a stop. the doors flung open. Meagan walked to the steps, and she happened to look up to notice everyone looking at her. She walked down the aisle but in her mind it was the walk of death. She walked down the rows of seats, the other students just looked at her, and moved their stuff to block her from setting. She found a seat near the end of the bus and quickly grabbed it. Meagan sat right near the window, and began to cry silently to her self. The bus moved on down to the next stop. Meagan was too upset to even notice. She knew that nobody would set with her, so she didn't move her stuff. One by one the kids from the stop came on, and one by one they all sat. Then to the surprise of Meagan, a voice found her red hot ears. " Can I set here?" Meagan looked up, she was taken by his beauty, yet she wasn't attracted to him, not one bit. She defiantly knew then and there that she really was a Lezzy.

" Yeah, It's ok." Meagan moved her stuff. She continued to look out the window, crying to her self a bit. " I know about, you know." said the boy. Meagan looked at him through teary eyes. " How?" She asked.. The boy paused a bit and a small, but comforting smile grew on his face. " Well you see I’m gay, and I understand what your going through." Meagan wiped her eyes, " You are?" she asked. The boy looked at her, " Yep." They talked a bit, and the time the bus rounded the corner tot he school, Meagan had calmed down. It seemed that she had made a new friend. " I know other people like us, you should come and sit with us at lunch today." said the boy. Meagan looked at him with a smile, " No it's fine, I think I’m going to try and talk to my friend Laura today." Meagan said. " Oh, well that ok, by the way I’m Justin." Justin said. " Well thanks again, you know for cheering me up." said Meagan gratefully. She got up when the bus came to a stop, and followed behind Justin off the bus, and into the school. They talked for a little while, and then both headed to their classes. She felt better, but deep down inside of her she knew the day was going to be hell.

Meagan walked into her class. She didn't pay any mind to the other students, but she could hear them. The whispers and snickering. " Ughh they're so immature." thought Meagan. She took her seat, and wrote down the agenda on the board. The teacher walked in and took his seat at his desk. " Class I have graded your homework, and now I'll pass them back to you. The teacher went down the rows and handed the papers back. Once that was done he gave a new assignment. " Class I want you to write an essay on your life, what you had gone through and so-on". Meagan got out a piece of paper and began to write down some ideas. " It will be due in two months, and I want you to write down everything that has happened so far in your life and what will happen within the two months." the teacher said. Meagan was amazed to see how many ideas had come to her during the class time, she was just about to finish up when the bell rang.

Meagan got up from her seat, grabbed her bag, and walked out of the class, and into the hall. She received a lot of looks, and a few rude comments. She was about to give in and cry, but she caught glimpse of Justin. She was filled with relief and her mood was again, happy. " Hi", Meagan said to Justin. " Oh Meagan!, hey!" Justin said with a happy and comforting tone. " Do you want to walk to class together?" asked Justin. Meagan had almost forgotten that Justin was in her next class. " Sure!" she exclaimed. Meagan was glad that she had made a new friend, that knew what she was going through. So Meagan and Justin walked to class. They both got odd looks and rude gestures. Meagan felt horrible again, but she looked at Justin and noticed that he seemed fine, as if he couldn't hear a thing that was being said. They got to their class and took their seats. They were both in math. Meagan loved math, she was the top student in her class. A lot of the other classmates would ask her for help, and she always felt good helping them. But today she didn't know if she would get to feel that emotion today.

" Class take out your books and a pencil." said Mrs. Fleming. Meagan’s math teacher. Meagan and Justin both got out they’re things and waited to receive they days assignment. When they did they both got to work. Meagan breezed through it, and Justin worked at a normal pace. Meagan was just about done when something hit her in the head and fell to the floor. She bent over and picked it up, It was a note. Meagan unfolded it and read what was inside, after she read it she felt like crying and screaming. She showed it to Justin, The expression on his face was solemn, but it soon faded back into his cheerful and comforting normal look." How come your not mad?" asked Meagan. " Meagan I am mad, but you cant let them see that, if they knew how you would react then it will only get worse." Justin said in a confident voice. Meagan looked across the room at a group of kids, they looked back and laughed. " I see what you mean." Meagan said.

After what Justin had said to her, Meagan felt better, she thought about what Justin had said, and realized that he was absolutely right. The bell rang and it was now time for lunch, It was a now or never chance, she was going to try and talk to Laura. Meagan and Justin walked to the cafeteria together. " Are you sure you want to do this?" asked Justin. Meagan thought about it. " Yes, I?m sure." she replied. " Well if anything happens you can always set with me and my friends over there." Justin said, pointing across the cafeteria to a table that was semi-full. Justin hugged Meagan, then walked over to his table. Meagan took a deep breath, and walked over to the table that she and Laura would set at. She saw Laura setting there, alone. As she walked over there he palms began to sweat. When she got there she sat down and didn't say anything. Laura looked at her with a puzzled look upon her face.

"What are you doing, setting here?" asked Laura in a rude manner. Meagan looked at her and began to speak. " Laura, we need to talk about last night, and what you did." Laura was quite, and didn't say anything. " What you did was the most coldest thing you could of ever done. Meagan said. Megan continued talking, she felt so relieved that Laura was listening to her. " Laura we are best friends, why does that have to change, It's always been me and you, we have done everything together." Meagan was finished talking and felt better. Laura looked into her eyes, and a sinister grin grew on her face. " I know that we have been friends for ever, but I don’t like you that way, I’m not a dyke like you and I cant go out with you!" exclaimed Laura. Meagan was confused, did Laura even listen to what she had said. but then it occurred to her, she noticed that Laura was looking at something. Meagan turned around too see a group of Laura’s friends standing behind her, all with disgusted looks. They had all arrived just as she had gotten done talking to Laura. They all heard the lie Laura had told, and of course they all believed what Laura had said. there was nothing that Meagan could do about it either. Meagan knew that this day was going to be hell, and there was nothing that could stop it....

Meagan felt her face turn red, She couldn't believe what had just happened. Why would Laura do this?, Meagan thought they were such good friends. Meagan got up from the table, and very calmly walked away, as she did, she could hear the girls behind her burst into laughter. Meagan wanted to cry, but she could feel something down inside her telling her not to. Meagan walked over to Justin’s table and took a seat. " Let me guess, your plan to be friends with Laura failed?" asked Justin. Meagan was quite and then said in a low voice " yes, and it was horrible." Meagan felt like dirt, she had truly lost her best friend, and was now an outcast to her other peers. But then it dawned on her, She still had Justin, and his friends, from what she could tell, they all seemed very nice. She looked over at Laura’s table to see the group looking at her, they all quickly turned away and laughed.

" Don't fret." said Justin in a reassuring voice. Soon Meagan’s mood shifted, she felt better, and she know knew that she didn’t need Laura anymore. She would make new friends, and that’s all that mattered, slowly but surely her life would recover. " hey, come get some lunch with me!" said Justin in a gleeful tone. They both got up and grabbed trays, and walked to the line. "So what’s for lunch?" asked Meagan. " ughh the same as yesterday, and the days before." said Justin. " and what’s that?" asked Meagan, " CRAP!" exclaimed Justin, they both broke out in laughter.

The Line moved slowly, but that didn’t occur to Meagan, she was busy chatting to Justin. She felt like she was about to start a new life, and she was so excited. She had made a new best friend, and it hadn't even been a single day yet. When they had both gotten their food, they walked back to the table. But on the way Justin got an Idea. " Hey, lets go pay Laura a visit. " What do you mean?" asked Meagan with a confused look on her face. Justin didn?t say anything, they just both walked over to the table, when they got there, they were both greeted in a hostile manner. " Oh look its the Lezzy and her little fairy friend." Laura said. The group broke into laughter, when Meagan did the unthinkable, something she never thought she would have the guts to do. Meagan picked up her milk and dumped it on Laura’s head. A large grin grew on Meagan’s and Justin’s face as they both watched milk flow down Laura’s face. " UGHHH!, YOU LITLLE WHORE!" screamed Laura, she was about to get up and smack Meagan, and when her hand was razed and about to fall upon Meagan, Justin’s hand flew up and caught it in mid-air. " Bitch please, if you ever tried to hit my good friend Megan, I will personally make sure you life is a living hell." remarked Justin in a cocky attitude. Laura was left in utter shock, she just sat there with her mouth wide open, and milk all over her.

When Meagan had gotten back to her table, she turned and hugged Justin." I’m so glad that I have a friend like you to back me up." said Meagan. Justin just smiled. " Well I’m glad I have a friend that has the balls to spill milk down one of the most popular girls in the school!" Justin exclaimed. They both sat down and ate. " How about me and you hang out tonight, asked Justin. " Sure!" exclaimed Meagan."

The bell rang, and it was time to go to class. Meagan had gotten through a day of school and surprisingly it went well. She went to Justin’s, and they both had a blast. they watched both they're all time favorite movie!, Clueless. It was about 6:00 o'clock when Justin’s mom had gotten home. " Hi Mom!" Justin exclaimed. " This is Meagan, she is a friend from school.".. Justin’s mom was a warm looking person, she had a glowing face that resembled Justin’s. " Oh, Hello Meagan it's nice to meet you." she said as she hung her coat and purse up. Meagan was a little embarrassed but turned to Justin anyways. " Umm, I just realized that I don’t know your last name." Meagan said a little sheepish. Justin just looked at her and a smile formed in his face, " It's Delton" Justin replied.

The nigh wore on and Meagan had the time of her life, Justin was fun to be around, he gave her a lot of great advice, and it had occurred to both, that they're friendship would be set in stone. "Hey!, you want to stay the night Friday?" asked Justin. Meagan was so excited she jumped up and smacked her head on the ceiling fan. Meagan was so happy on the inside, she had found a new best friend, and couldn't wait for school the next day.

So the night wore on until it got really late, Justin’s mom came into the room. " Meagan, it's getting pretty late, do you need a ride home?" she asked. " Yeah, I think I will need a ride, Thank you." Meagan said, she looked back at Justin, and smiled. " I’m really glad me and you are now friends!" exclaimed Meagan. Meagan grabbed her bag and Hugged Justin goodbye, then she walked down the stairs and out the door to Mrs. Delton’s car. When she had gotten into the car, she shut the door and looked out the window, and waved to Justin as the care pulled out of the driveway and into the street, then slowly down the road till it reached the intersection, turned and she had lost site of Justin’s beaming face. “I’m really glad that you are friends with Justin, he doesn’t really have many.” Mrs. Delton said as she came to a stop. ? Oh no problem, I’m really glad that I have Justin as a friend.? replied Meagan. Mrs. Delton reached Meagan’s street and came upon her house. “Well, Meagan, thank you for coming over and spending some time with Justin, and It was great meeting you.” Mrs. Delton said with a bright gleaming smile on her face, the smile instantly reminded Meagan of Justin’s.

Meagan walked into her house, and shut the door behind her. The day had been a great one. Meagan walked into the living room, her mom was setting on the sofa watching the news. “So, how was your day?” she asked when Meagan walked in. “It was good, I had a fun time hanging out with Justin.” Meagan replied. Her mom looked at her, and a grin grew on her face. “So, is he your new boyfriend?” her mother asked, Meagan felt mortified. She knew that her mom would find out about her sooner or later, but on the inside, Meagan hoped for later rather than sooner. Meagan was quite for awhile, but she thought to her self that it would be good to act like it, she wasn’t ready for her mother to find out, she would have no idea how it could turnout. Meagan headed into the kitchen and opened the fridge, she thought about so many things as she looked for something to eat. When she was done, she closed the fridge door and turned around, and was shocked to see her mom standing right behind her. Gosh mom, you scared the crap out of me!.? she said. Her mom was quite, and didn’t really speak. Meagan was about to ask why she was so quite, when her mom interrupted her. Meagan I know.? she said, as she looked Meagan dead in the eye. Heh, what are you talking about? Meagan asked with a startled expression. Her mother was quite for a long while, she just stood there with a vacant expression upon her face. Meagan, I found this in your room, a little while after you left for school.? she said as she handed Meagan a folded piece of paper. Instantly Meagan knew what it was.

?Is it true?? her mother asked. Meagan didn’t know what to say. Her mother asked her again, and again. But when she failed to get a answer she slammed her hands down on the counter. damnit Meagan just tell me if you are or not!? she exclaimed. Meagan was solemn for awhile. Then she spoke in a low and shaken voice. If I was would you still love me?? she asked. The room was quite for a long time, all you could hear was the distant ramblings of the television in the living room. Meagan watched as a tear slowly made its way down her mother cheek. She say anything to Meagan, and Meagan didn’t say anything to her. Her mother just stood there then she just looked Meagan in the eye and turned around and made her way back into the living room, Meagan heard the T.V. go off, and heard her mother walk up the stairs, and then her bedroom door slam shut. Tears began to stream down Meagan’s cheeks, she began to shake and sob quietly to herself. Meagan slowly regained herself , and walked through the living room, and up the stairs to her room, and slowly closed the door. Meagan could hear her mother crying, and it made her heart sink. Meagan walked over to her bed, and sat down on it, she sat there very quite, for a long time. She just sat there and thought to her self.

Meagan thought clearly to herself. Many things were going through her head at amazing speeds. But the only important thing that she couldn’t let go of , was the idea of her mother disowning her. She was so scared that she would do so. Before she knew it, an hour had passed by, Meagan could feel her self getting more and more tired. The hours continued to go by until Meagan awoke to see her alarm clock flashing 2:38 AM in warm glowing neon green bars. Meagan got up from her bed, and walked over to her door, turned the knob as slowly as she could so that it wouldn’t make a noise. She stood there for awhile, trying to listen for any sounds coming from her mothers room, there was no sound, only the glow from the light that glowed from the crack under the door. Meagan closed her door, and climbed back into her bed. She looked up at the ceiling for a long time before she fell back asleep.

Meagan awoke the next morning, The sun wasn’t shining in through the window as it normally did, this time the steady sound of rain drummed against the window. Meagan rose out of bed and made her way to the hall. She made a quick stop to her mothers door, Meagan pressed her ear up against the cold oak door. She waited, being ever so quite. After a few minutes had gone by, and there was no sign of life coming from within the room. Meagan knocked very softly. When there was no answer, Meagan turned the knob slowly and softly pushed the door open. She peered through a small crack and saw just an empty bed. Meagan pushed the door open a little more. To her surprise, her mother wasn’t there, the room was silent and still. Meagan turned her attention to the end table by her mothers bed, on it lie a empty bottle of chardonnay and a overturned glass. Meagan left the room and headed down to the kitchen, she looked throughout the entire house and found it empty and quite, there wasn’t even a note left by her mother.

Meagan returned to her room to get ready for school, she would been more excited because it was Friday and she was to go over to Justin’s house to stay the night, but due to the events of last night, she was a little stressed. Meagan thought to herself, how could she of been so careless. She should of destroyed that stupid page, or better yet the whole journal. Once she was ready, she walked down tot the kitchen to grab something to eat, but on the way down she stopped. She was hungry yes, but she couldn’t eat, she felt sick to her stomach. So Meagan skipped breakfast, and headed out the door. But soon Meagan’s mood had changed, She looked ahead to see a smiling face greet her, It was Justin. He and his mom were there to take them to school. So how was your night? asked Justin. Well it wasn’t all too good. replied Meagan. A disgruntled look came to Justin’s beaming face. Oh, that doesn’t sound to good, what happened? He asked, I’ll explain on the way. Meagan said as they both got into the car.

When they both had gotten to the school, both Justin and Meagan were in a state of utter confusion. Meagan had explained to Justin what had happened with her mother and how she reacted. Justin just tried his best to make things better for Meagan. He gave her some advice and tried to make her understand that everything will get better and that she shouldn’t worry. I guess your right. Meagan said. Both Meagan and Justin said goodbye to Justin’s mom as they both got out of the car. They both made their way up to the front doors, they both received looks of disgust, mainly from Laura’s friends. But both Meagan and Justin just ignored them and continued up the steps and into the school. Meagan and Justin made a stop by Meagan’s locker, Meagan turned the dial and pulled it open, a note fell out and onto the floor. Meagan bent down and picked it up, she hesitantly opened it up and read it to herself. When she was done she folded it back up and crushed it in her fist. What did it say? asked Justin. Meagan didn’t say anything, she just calmly grabbed a book from her locker and closed her locker, and headed to her class with Justin right behind her.

Are you going to tell me what it said?? asked Justin. Meagan still didn’t say a word. But Justin knew Meagan was extremely pissed, because she was squeezing her fists so tight that little droplets of blood began to slowly ooze down her knuckles. They both reached the south hall when a rock flew out of no where and made impact with Justin’s right temple. He let out a small painful gasp and fell to the ground. Meagan turned around to see Justin lying on the floor, as blood slowly formed a puddle around his curly blonde locks.

Justin!?? Meagan exclaimed in a scared and confused tone. Meagan thrust herself on her knees to Justin’s side. She looked up to try and see who threw the rock . Already a crowd began to form. Meagan scanned it over and over till her eyes connected with Laura’s. She stood there, with absolutely no emotion on her face, then her boyfriend stepped out from behind her with a sinister smirk spread across his.

Meagan turned her attention back to Justin. ?Justin?? she said as she shook him lightly. He lay there still, only breathing in small gasps. Meagan looked up at the crowd and screamed for help, tears began to spill form her eyes. Meagan’s eyes frantically searched the crowd again, they only met with looks of wickedness and of sorrow. Meagan continued to shake Justin, her hands were both now covered in his crimson blood. The blood from her hand was mixing with his, and for a slight second she could feel his pain.

Meagan’s head began to throb, her vision began to become fuzzy and distorted, Megan fainted. She awoke in the nurses office. Quickly she jumped up, ?Where is Justin!?!? She exclaimed in a frenzied panic. Its ok sweaty, its going to be ok. a elderly grey haired old woman said in a reassuring voice. Meagan calmed down a-bit and then asked again. Where is Justin? The nurse looked at her in a concerning way. Your friend was taken to the Hospital, he could have a concussion. the nurse said looking quite solemnly at Meagan.

Meagan couldn’t hold in her emotional pain, she broke down into tears. Tears of anger, tears of fear. The Meagan turned to the door to see Mrs. Delton standing there, she had the saddest expression upon her face. She ran over and flung her hands around Meagan, and hugged her tight. Please tell me that Justin is going to be ok. Meagan pleaded. Mrs. Delton was quite for a few seconds, she looked over at the nurse and signaled her to leave them alone for a few minutes. ? Meagan, honey.. Justin might go into a coma. Mrs. Delton said in a saddening voice. Meagan was quite, then burst into tears of fury, tears of rage.

Meagan shoved Mrs. Delton out of the way, and ran to the door. She thrust it open and charged down the hall. Mrs. Delton ran to the door and yelled for Meagan. Meagan blocked her pleas form her ears, and continued to hunt down Laura. She could smell the little whore all the way to her class, it was like a primitive feeling. Meagan burst through the classroom door and came eye to eye with Laura. The teacher in the room just looked at Meagan in utter shock and confusion. Miss?, what are you doing in this class, do you have a pass? the teacher asked in an annoyed mousey voice, the kinds that made you want to strangle someone.

There was an empty desk in front of Laura’s, Meagan flung the desk out of the way and stepped in front of Laura, all the while breathing heavily. ? What?? Laura asked as if she didn’t know. Meagan didn’t waste anytime, she jumped on Laura grabbing her long blonde hair that Laura was so proud of. She pulled strands out and slammed Laura’s head in to the metal filing cabinet leaving little specks of blood, and a few strands of her precious blonde hair on the semi-dented drawer. The teacher pulled Meagan off of Laura who was already looking quite bruised. Laura got up and ran out of the class, Meagan fiercely lashed out at the teacher and got away. Laura was now at a slow limping walk down the hall, then she turned around and saw Meagan right behind her and picking up speed.

Laura let out a shrill cry and began to run, but she was too slow. Meagan leaped like a cheetah and pummeled Laura to the ground bashing her head into the ceramic floor tile. Meagan flipped Laura over and began clawing at her face, all the while screaming “Dirty fucking slut!!!?”. Meagan was screaming it so loud that other classes began to come out to see what was all the commotion. Meagan was about to seriously kill Laura when she stopped and looked up to see the principal and two school campus security guards standing less then five feet away from her. She looked down at Laura who was now whimpering in pain and setting in a small pool of her own blood. Meagan’s rage ceased, what had she just done?, she was in shock at her unbelievable actions.

Meagan sat there silently. She looked over at a plaque that had Principal of the year engraved on it. She was in the lords court awaiting her punishment. Still in shock over what she had done. Did I really do something that horrible, something that utterly wrong?? she asked herself. Meagan knew herself very well, and she knew that on a normal day.. She would never of done anything like that, never in a million years. A few minutes had gone by, and Mr. Hassling walked into the room. He had a stone cold look about him. Meagan looked for anything to keep her eyes away from his.. But she failed miserably . Her eyes were attracted to his, like metal shavings to a magnet. When they met.. Her eyes were greeted with no remorse. She felt a cold sweat begin to from on the back of her neck, and her palms began to sweat profusely.

?Do you have any Idea what you have just done?? Mr. Hassling asked. Meagan was quite, she just sat there in the chair scuffing her feet across the carpet, trying her hardest not to look in Mr. Hassling’s eyes. She focused them on the ashtray, then the pen which lay in Mr. Hassling’s desk, and then on a fly which was buzzing about the room. ?Look at me!, you little bitch!? screamed Mr. Hassling. You not only seriously injured a student, you my have also brought on a very big lawsuit!? Mr. Hassling face began to turn red, and a little vain could be seen pulsing on his forehead.

I, I, I’m sorry. Meagan said in a small and meek voice. Mr. Hassling still showed no sympathy. Meagan became scared.. She could feel her eyes begin to burn and then a tear began to slip out of her eye. Mr. Hassling just stared at her, then he grabbed a tissue and handed it to her. You will receive a week of OSS and then when you return to school you will receive a week of ISS and after school detentions. I should have you expelled for what you did, but from what was relayed back to my own ears, Meagan didn’t say anything, she knew she deserved all of those sentences.

Is your mother home? He asked in a warmer tone then before, yet it was still as cold as ice. Meagan began to speak when the secretary came into the office. Mr. Hassling, you have a call on line one, its your daughter. have her call me back. He replied.. She says its an emergency. the secretary retorted. Mr. Hastings face grew into a contorted gesture.. Meagan knew he was annoyed, and everyone knew that when he was annoyed he was as steady as a boulder on a very narrow edge.

When Mr. Hassling had left the room, Meagan burst into tears.. The stress was unbearable. She knew that Laura didn’t deserve the savage beating that she had most definitely received. Megan knew that after all it wasn’t Laura that had cast the stone, but in fact it was her boyfriend. But Meagan also knew that it was already too late.

Mr. Hassling had returned to the office, he look scared and angry all at the same time. Do you drive? he asked Meagan. Meagan sat there, a little confused., then replied no. Mr. Hassling looked at her and then snidely remarked good.. Kids don’t need to... Meagan looked at him with a grimaced with annoyance, and then asked why. Well for one, you don’t know what your doing.. And two.. My daughter just got into a wreck.

Meagan showed a little remorse and asked if she was ok, Mr. Hassling was quite and then a small smile manifested on his face. Yes.. She is fine. But.. The other driver was seriously injured. he said. Meagan asked who the other driver was and got a look of disgust. I don’t know, all I know is that It was a middle aged woman and she was driving a maroon Chevy Malibu .. Meagan entered a stage of disbelief.. didn’t her mother drive a Malibu?.. And wasn’t it maroon?.

The End

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