A Very Very Sad Story

WARNING, you may cry

Zoe smiled as she hung up her last poster. "A new home, a new room, and a new school." She said and sighed as she lay on her bed. She hadn't realized how much work there was when you put a room together. She was just glad it was over with. She layed there staring at her Justin Bieber posters for who knows how long until she finally fell asleep.

She awoke to her mom shaking her. "Wake up! Wake up! You have school in one hour!" The girl jumped up. I can't believe I slept for fifteen hours, the girl thought. She slipped on the clothes she had laid out yesterday and ran downstairs to pop two slices of bread in the toaster.

Her school day was great. She made six new friends and even got a date with the school's football team quarterback, Justin. But there was one set-back. Zoe's parent's wouldn't let her go on the date. "You're to young." her mother had said. But, if I tell her I'm just going to a party, I can still go on my date without them knowing. Whats one little white lie?

So she told her parents she was just going to a party woth some friends. Her parents weren't sure about that but they nodded and said okay. So  Zoe ran up to her room and got ready for her date. An hour later she was at the party with Justin. Nothing dangerous or bad about this. They were just going to hang out there then go for a drive in the moonlight.

But soon Justin was intoxicated. Zoe insisted that he let her drive him home but he refused. Some time later some kids got out some kind of drug Zoe had never heard of before. She couldn't believe that most of the kids there were smoking it, including Justin. She ran outside for some fresh air.

Justin saw her leave and followed her out. Zoe asked him if he would take her home which was a stupid thing to do. He was clearly in no condition to drive. But she got in the car with him anyway. It was warm in the car so Zoe took off her jacket. Justin took that in the wrong way. He tried to pull Zoe on his seat but she pushed him away with all her strength.

Drunk and anngry, Justin slamed his foot down on the gas petal. Within seconds they were speeding down the road towards town. "Justin, slow down! Please stop!" Zoe screamed, but that only made him go faster. The last thing zoe saw was a bright flash, then everything went black

Zoe awoke in a hospital. She didn't remember what happened. A doctor and nurse told her that she had been in a very bad car crash. She asked how Justin and the people in the other car were. "They are all dead and I'm affraid we might lose you too." the doctor said softly.

Tears ran down the girls face. She asked the doctor and nurse if they would pray with her. They said they would and they all held hands. "Dear God, please forgive me. Please take care of my parents. Please tell the friends and family of everyone who died tonight that I am sorry. That it is my fault and I wish I could take everythong back." Zoe prayed.

The doctor and nurse stayed with her. Zoe knew she was going to die for what she had done. "Will you do me a favor?" Zoe asked. The nurse nodded her head. "Please tell my parents that I am sorry for lying to them and that I will love them forever." The nurse nodded again, tears welding up in her eyes.

A few minutes later, Zoe died of massive blood loss. Then a few days later the doctor saw the nurse in the hall and asked her if she ever told Zoe's parents that she loved them. The nurse said no. The doctor was angry and asked why not. The nurse replied, "Because, the people in the other car were her parents." And she walked away sobbing.


The End

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