Before the trialMature

I presented the question to the detectives..  They stared me down as if they were waiting for me to reveal some truth, a thruth that would change existence as we knew it. 

It would change something it would change a life, mine.

I motioned them to sit.  I licked my lips, I clasped and unclasped my hands. And then, simple, smooth and sweet, I told them.

Long Time Ago.. A Memory

After Lisa died, I felt I would never love another girl in my life but, as it is with young hearts, they seek to undertake the grim task of love again.  She was just average, nothing like Lisa but, she liked me. She also liked many of my friends. 

My father told me I looked like a wide mouthed bass.  Well what the fuck did he expect?  She was a whore, but now that she was with child, (which she picked ME  to father), now, she had become the "Virgin Mother". 

I knew who the father was, at least I had a pretty good idea, still I never said a word.   Oh but fate worked for me, one boy decided he was the father and DNA proved he wasn't, it also proved I wasn't..

What if he hadn't come forward to do the right thing?  I would be a father...

Was I doing the right thing?

I sat on the cement bench outside Dept. 3, my mind blank, I didn't want to think.  I figured it would be best to just.. let it come.  I'd told the truth, did anyone thank me for it?  No, and the utter thanklessness of the situation would not hit me until later...

Let the Trial Begin..



The End

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