And Now?Mature

Shortly thereafter, Mark was arrested.  My life changed for the worse.  A murder in  a ritzy neighborhood is bound to drum up some attention.  When it is a double patricide and the son goes after attention, it gets top billing on the national news - for a very, very long time.  Reporters followed me from class to class.  As with a Rolex on a homeless man, no one gave a damn about me, but they all wanted the story.  I continued my interviews with the detectives, giving more details with each meeting.  I dropped out of school.  Slowly, my acquaintances pulled away.  

Questions and Answers

Many of those I considered my friends, disappeared from my life.  Some of them thought I was a snitch, that I never should have broken my allegiance to friendship.  Others simply felt they could no longer trust me with information. If you knew someone was a rat, could you befriend them?  Could you ever trust them?  Years later I was asked to do some lectures on morality at several high schools and colleges.  I'd always poll the audience before and after my lecture.  The results are a depressing commentary on our nation.  On average, sixty percent of the students believed I was a snitch and never should have turned Mark in.  Sixty percent.  Six out of ten people of this generation believe allegiance to friendship is more important than allegiance to the law.  Six out of ten have an ethical stance that is so anti-establishment, they view civic responsibility as less significant than crime.  Six out of ten.  Imagine a world where people consider doing the RIGHT thing, the WRONG thing.  That is what I learned on my speaking tour.  I went out to teach and came back educated...and scared...and sad...and very, very alone.  If you knew someone was rat, could you befriend them and trust them?  And the questions that I have asked myself ever since.  

Did I do the RIGHT thing?  

I am a rock in my answer.  


And the next question.  

Was it worth it? 

I am a rock in my answer.  

Absolutely not.  

The End

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