Do you want to know how it happened?

This seemed like the proper greeting for the detectives.  I was a weak soul born into a weak family, a family of do it how you see it, a family devoid of any sense of responsibility to anyone outside of self.

My friend was off on holiday and, I was here setting the stage for his.. what shall I call it (capture)? It made me feel tired, it made my breath heavy, my heartbeat, shallow. 

I felt like the most inhumane person in existence, So now, the only thing left, the story.

A Memory:

All the kids stood on the bleachers in the gym.  The principle took the microphone.  This was one time he didn't have to scream, threaten or shout.  It was quiet.

Lisa was 17, a year ahead of me, she was cute, I watched her all the time.  I didn't dare approach her , she was a senior.  The boy she liked was Goth, long black hair, eyeliner, black clothes, black finger nails, they were in love and now, they were dead, a suicide pact.  The principle cleared his throat, offering whom ever needed it counseling.

I was called to the principles office to speak to the detectives, someone said, I'd been her friend.. 

"Did she ever talk to me, did I know how it happened?"

The Questions:

There was only one.. How to start this story?

The End

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