Tawny, Fang, Aya, Morrigan and Lilith all sat in the refurbished TV room. It had been one week since the incident with Apollo and I had made it a habit of avoiding the vampires at all costs. Unfortunately, today I had to see them. Tawny, Fang and Aya were wedged onto a black leather sofa. Morrigan and Lilith sat on the floor, fingers intertwined like some freaky mirror image. None of them had noticed me enter the room. The temptation to leave the manor house without so much as a goodbye was buzzing around my skull like a hyperactive monkey. I cleared my throat. The five of them all looked at the doorway.

“Going somewhere?” Tawny asked, gazing at the mirror under my arm.

“I figured since Blade’s on your side now you wouldn’t want me around anymore” I said and got five shocked looks, one less involved than the rest. Lilith.

“Now why would you figure that?”

“Besides, you’re part of the family now” Morrigan added.

Aya grinned and pointed at each vampire In succession. “Mom, Dad, Loud Cousin, Freaky cousins”. He then pointed at me. “Pet cat”.

“Aya, she’s not our cat. If we wanted a cat we’d get a cat” Tawny said sternly but she was joking with him.

“Truth is, Hallie, we all need you. For different reasons. Tawny because she has someone to mother, Aya because he wants his pet cat and me because I love you” Fang said with a smile.

“So, you want me to stick around?” I asked.

What I got back was a chorus of ‘sure’ and ‘of course’. Tawny patted the space next to her and I headed for the sofa.

“Wait!” I said.

Mom’s mirror would have pride of place in this room. At least until I moved it back to my room. I sat between Tawny and Aya and for the first time felt happy. So happy I barely even noticed the hermit slip inside to start work on dinner. I didn’t care about dinner though. I didn’t need dinner now that I knew I was still wanted. My stomach, however, seemed to disagree and rumbled defiantly. And then my mind began to wonder when the hermit would be done.

The End

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