The Affliction of Apollo

“This human is the cause of all your troubles. Once she’s out of the picture we can focus on what’s important. Being a family” Apollo said, pushing down slightly with the knife.

Blade and Fang both switched into defence mode. Blade unsheathed his third and final sword. Fang’s hands curled into fists, each knuckle clicking as he did. They shared the same feral look in their eyes.

“Boys, can you not see this mortal is nothing but tribulations? Were not the two of you companions before her?

“Release her. She has no part in this. We can discuss this as a family but only if she be allowed to live” Blade said, using his sly persuasion.

Fang looked shocked, finding it as hard to believe as me that Blade was helping. Apollo pressed harder against my throat. The edge of the blade sang against my skin, piercing it and attempting to charm the blood from my body.

“If she dies we can never be a family” Fang said with conviction.

Apollo showed no signs of releasing me. But I wasn’t afraid. For all the blood dripping down my throat, I knew he wouldn’t kill me. Because I knew how he felt. I didn’t know it on the scale he did but I understood. Because for years I had felt the same. And I knew what he wanted Blade and Fang to do. I couldn’t let them. It was wrong. No matter what he did to me it would still be wrong.

“Fang, Blade, ignore him. I know what he’s doing” I said but the two of them weren’t listening.

They stood facing each other, planning something. Planning the demise of Apollo.

“Let them, child. I have no fear” Apollo whispered to me.

Fang and Blade grabbed each other as if they were going to shake hands.

“Brothers in arms” they both said.

They acted as one body. Holding Blade’s sword with a hand each. Running forward, poised for the kill. Apollo removed the knife and pushed me to the side, leaving himself open for the sword. He stood with his eyes shut and arms stretched out like wings. The blade slipped through his ribs to his heart. As Blade and Fang released their grip on the sword, he smiled.

“Thank you, boys” he said and collapsed on to the ground.

The two of them engaged in a brotherly hug before turning to me.

“You idiots. You idiots! That’s what he wanted you to do!” I shouted, tears welling up in my eyes.

“We were just trying to protect you” Fang said.

“Don’t try and justify it, Fang! He wanted to die and you murdered him in cold blood. And Blade, I know what you’re going to say so shut up! He may have provoked the two of you but do you really think he’d kill the thing most important to you?”

“Why would someone want to die?” Blade asked, looking at the body.

“Wouldn’t you after you’d lost everything? He lost his human family, his two attempts at a vampire family, not to mention the hundreds of people from this town. He was tired and fed up of seeing those he cared about die”.

“Such is the reason vampires shouldn’t befriend humans” Fang muttered.

“Don’t start spewing Union crap now, Fang! You’re the one going against them most with your little human girlfriend. The only rules they set us are drain them and don’t spill a drop. If they think hanging out with humans is so bad then why didn’t they make that one of the rules, huh? Why just say “befriending humans only damages yourself”? And what about the wolves?” Blade shouted.

Fang said nothing. Fang did nothing. He just stood and stared and was silent. Blade shook his head and started to walk off. He hung his head and turned back to me. His eyes were set with confusion, grief and an ounce of realisation. He nodded at me and walked over to Kyo. Blade had to fight to get him to leave Ciara’s body but eventually Kyo gave in. It took time to clear up what had happened, all the while Fang stood and stared at the blood stain where Apollo’s body had been, but once it was done the seven vampires that remained rallied up at Libellule Manor.


 “Blade, I’ve been thinking” Fang started.

Blade looked up from the other side of the room. I was sat with Aya and Morrigan, who had acted like my bodyguards since Blade had “joined” our little group.

“Can you remember?” Fang asked him.

“Yeah. Yeah I do. He saved me” Blade said quietly.


“Fatal stab wound”.


“Told him I walked into a kitchen knife by accident”.

“No time to talk. Too busy drowning. Managed to tell him I didn’t want to live anymore”.

“So he killed you. What did you do anyway?”

“Jumped off a bridge. I thought the fall would kill me. Just broke a few of my bones”.

Blade and Fang sighed at the same time. It was freaky how they kept doing everything in sync now. It was almost like having another version of Lilith and Morrigan around. The silence was disrupted by a low whimper from the corner of the room. Kyo. He really must have cared about Ciara to be so upset. He hadn’t spoken since her death.

“Only one thing to do then” Blade sighed.


The End

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