The Worst Truth to Hear

I stared into the darkness, expecting some monster to jump out. My eyes weren’t good enough, I couldn’t see anything. After a few minutes I gave up searching and turned to Blade. He was easily as tall as Aya but maybe not as tall as Fang. He was looking to his left not straight ahead like I’d been. I followed where he was looking. Faintly I could see the outline of two bodies. Slowly they got closer and clearer and it wasn’t long ‘til they were heading straight for Blade.

“Couldn’t you at least manage a run for me?” he shouted in a joking way.

My legs were telling me to run away since Blade was distracted but my brain was telling me there was no point since they could all move as fast as cheetahs, maybe even faster.

“I should cut that finger off, Ciara!” Blade shouted.

The two figures reached Blade. One was purple-haired Kyo, the other the gold-eyed woman I could only assume was Ciara. She was thin and extremely beautiful. Golden hair to match golden eyes. Blade put an arm around my shoulders, squeezing me against his ribcage, and pointed at Ciara.

“This is Ciara. Last time you saw her she didn’t have a neck thanks to your girl Morrigan” he said.

“So, I figured this time around I’d give it back to her” Ciara said in a voice that can only be described as evil in a physical form. If voices can be described as physical.

Blade walked over to Kyo, with me still pressed against his ribcage. Kyo seemed kind of nervous, he couldn’t take his eyes off the ground. His eyes were a beautiful shade of purple. You would almost have thought they were coloured contacts but if you got close enough you could tell they were all him. Blade put his free hand on Kyo’s shoulder. Kyo’s entire body tensed and then relaxed. He let out a deep breath and looked up at Blade. His face was shy.

“Relax, kid, you’ll be fine. You’ve got my word on that” Blade said and Kyo seemed to relax a little.

Blade was one of those big brother types. Like Fang. They both cared for their families even if they didn’t like to show it. He gave a few more encouraging words to Kyo before waltzing off again, with me still pressed against his ribs. We reached the middle of the square and he sort of threw me in front of himself. Then as fast as he’d done that, his right arm was around the small of my back, pinning our waists against each other, and his left hand held my right. He sighed a happy sigh.

“Isn’t this place romantic? I bought my first date here. We danced in a thunderstorm. Now, now, don’t struggle. I wouldn’t dream of hurting you. At least, not until Fang gets here. Then you better start praying he does what I want”.

Blade bought my other hand up and behind his neck. I was powerless against him. What could a human do against someone ten times stronger than them? If he wanted he could probably crush my bones to dust. But right now he wanted to dance. A slow, swaying dance but he kept turning and changing direction. I kind of wished I had one of Tawny’s dresses on and not a t-shirt and jeans.

“Hallie, you are very beautiful. Even I have to admit that. Fang would be lucky to have you. If you become a vampire, I will fear for the human males. If all goes according to plan, you will be a vampire before dawn. Would you let me turn you?” he said, speaking straight into my ear, still dancing.

“Yes” I said. His jaws were close enough to my throat to do it anyway.

“And if I turned you, would you attack me afterwards?”


Blade laughed. It was the most beautiful laugh I’d ever heard from an evil person. He spun me around and locked his hands just under my shoulders. For a second it looked like he was going to lash out but he merely chuckled and resumed dancing. Only this time he was dancing with a purpose. I don’t know what that purpose was but he moved faster, more gracefully than before.

“What if you loved me? Would you attack me then?” he asked, giving no hint that it was a joke but no hint that he was serious.

“I… I guess no”.

“Could you ever love me?”

“No” that one word was said with ice and hatred and anger at the fact that is was my mom who had to die.

“That’s what I like to hear” Blade said, in all seriousness.

He held me in place and leant forward. For my neck. I could feel his teeth near my skin. The same feeling I’d had with Fang. The icy breath that made me shiver in his grip. Then, instead of teeth I felt something soft and warm. Lips. A growl erupted from somewhere behind me. I was pushed. Ciara stood waiting to catch me. She snarled as she did.

“You took your time, Fang, I almost got bored and turned her. Bought the gang with you?” Blade said in his jokingly serious manner.

“They’re not here. Not yet” Kyo said from beside Ciara.

“Ha, the general without his soldiers” Blade laughed.

“Don’t mock me. Or are you just afraid, coward?” Fang spat. He sounded feral.

“You can keep up the tough guy act all you want. After all, it’s just an act. As long as Hallie-“

“You don’t have the right to say her name!” Fang roared.

“… Yes. Anyway, as long as she is in my possession, you will do whatever I say if it means protecting her. Am I right?”

Fang hung his head and Blade laughed that beautiful laugh again. Ciara tightened her grip on my arms and I found I’d been trying to walk forward.

“You’re smart” I said mainly to myself but Blade looked round.

“That’s the first time a mortal’s said that. It’s kind of nice.” He said with a smile. Then his head snapped back to Fang, “She’s a nice girl. Very pretty. You always had a habit of picking nice girls”.

“Fang, what does he mean?” I asked.

“Nothing” Fang spoke a little too soon to convince me.

“Blade, what do you mean?”

“Every once in a while Fang decides it’s time to treat himself. So he charms a girl, makes her think they love each other, then drains every last drop of blood from her body. He always picks the nice ones”.

“Hallie, don’t listen to a word he says. He’s trying to turn you against me” Fang pleaded.

Blade was at my side, hands on my shoulders, whispering in my ear.

“That’s how he always weasels his way out of it. It’s us trying to help you. Us trying to save you. All you have to do is lend me that pretty little neck of yours and my venom will course through your system.” He kissed my neck again. A low growl came from Ciara. “Would you attack me?” Blade asked, his face pressed into my neck.

I didn’t have to think about my answer. Rage welled up inside me. Fang had been nothing but kind to me but it was all a lie. Blade would turn me and I would punish Fang for what he’d intended to do.

“No” I said.

Blade laughed his beautiful laugh. Ciara gave a mad squeal of delight. And Fang, he didn’t know whether to run, fight or cry.

The End

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