Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes and a Self-absorbed Vampire

“What are you doing here, Niko?” Fang asked with a sigh. Clearly he knew the guy.

“What, I can’t drop by on my old buddy Fang once in a while?” Niko asked jokingly.

“When have you ever been my buddy?”

Niko chuckled. Beneath the blood, he had a handsome face. Actually, even with the blood he had a handsome face. He had soft features and dazzling eyes. Even for me, someone who doesn’t judge people on how they look, he made my legs turn to jelly, if only a little.

“Why are you really here?” Fang asked, sterner than before.

“To steal her of course” Niko said, pointing at me.

Lilith growled defensively. Did she actually care about me? She stopped Fang from turning me, but that could be because she doesn’t want another vampire around. Or it could be because she wanted me to live. Her words from before echoed in my head “They have the one thing I desire. Life”. So she only wanted me alive because she couldn’t be.

“Y’know, if you ever had dreams about being a spy you should give up now” Tawny said, licking some of the blood off her lips.

“Thanks, Tawny, I appreciate your advice so much”

Tawny growled and smacked him upside the head. Niko grinned as he received his beating. It was a little unnerving to watch. And because he didn’t react to the beating it made Tawny attack him all the more violently. Then I worked out his tactic. Earlier that day Fang had been telling me that if  a vampire is injured beyond a certain point they will pass out, effectively going to sleep, giving their body time to heal. This guy Niko was trying to reach this point. It was a good tactic but essentially pointless. If he’s knocked out how can he kidnap me?

“Tawny, leave him alone, he is just a newborn” Lilith said. What, she was sympathising with him now?

“This little roach has been using his newborn status for months. When is everyone going to realise he’s not a newborn anymore?!” Tawny bellowed.

Niko made an attempt to crawl forward but was barred by a kick in the teeth from Fang.

“How’s your scar, Fang?” Niko asked. He sounded drunk. Maybe that was what happened when vampires got near this injury marker point.

Fang growled and picked Niko up by the throat. He carried him to the top of the stairs and dangled him over the edge of the balcony.

“You’ll pay for even coming here” Fang growled.

“Drop him from there and he will fall like a feather. Surely the staircase would make for a more interesting sport” Lilith said from beside Fang, sounding like the devil that supposedly sits on a person’s shoulder.

Fear flashed through Niko’s brilliant blue eyes. His hair was now a dirty orange colour though it was probably golden blonde before his blood mixed with it.

“Alright. Here’s the truth. Blade didn’t send me to steal her. He sent me as a distraction. What was that you were saying about being a spy, Tawny?” he said smugly.

I never got to hear Tawny’s response. One second I was watching Niko, the next there was an arm around my waist and I was falling through the freezing night air.

“Better hold on tight” the voice of Blade rang through my ears.

We touched the ground like a feather and he smiled at me. “That wasn’t too difficult, now was it?”

There was a smash above my head. Niko soared through the air until he collided with one of the tall pine trees that edged the Libellule estate. He slid down it like some kind of giant monkey and joined Blade and me.

“You okay, kiddo?” Blade asked him with almost false concern.

“God damn, that albino whore’s strong. This was all her doing, you know” Niko said, gesturing at his injuries.

Blade looked up at the window before speaking. “Thanking you for the present, Fang. I can assure you it will go to good use” he chuckled, sort of threw me into a piggyback and took off at a run, Niko close behind him.

“My face is gonna be wrecked, man. I think she broke my nose. That’s never gonna set straight,” he poked his nose a little, “ Hey, Blade, remind me when we get back, Ciara’s finally gonna get that cheap shot she wanted. I can’t be waiting for this to heal on its own, y’know? I got standards to live up to, if you know what I mean”.

“Niko, could you stop talking about yourself for five minutes?!” Blade snapped and raced ahead.

Destination: Sunset Square. Once again, even though it was nearly midnight, it looked like sunset. For the first time in seventeen years I really looked at the place. It was a large square but it was made smaller by all the five-storey buildings that made its shape. All the buildings were clearly from different eras and cultures, the Starbucks building having distinctly French architecture. Besides the green themed Starbucks building, Sunset Square was nothing but a cacophony of grey. People only flocked there for the weird light show.

And for the first time I saw Blade. He wore a jerkin made of something that looked like tan leather but clearly wasn’t and a white linen shirt. The jerkin had antique looking clasps on it which had been polished quite recently to reveal swirly silver designs. Strapped to him in various places were three swords, one of which was the dragon katana used to slay Morrigan, evidently he’d had it mended, and an alarming amount of knives and daggers. He had a kind face that betrayed his actions. His face was intelligent too.

“I give them one simple instruction and they can’t even do that” Blade sighed.

“Be fair, Blade, this is Kyo we’re talking about” Niko said, once more admiring his misshapen nose.

“Niko, shut up before I make you” Blade growled.

“Make my day, boss. I don’t want to be awake for this anyway”.

Blade took  a deep breath. Something silver flew through the air and embedded itself in Niko’s throat.

“Thanks, bro. I owe you one” Niko managed to say before collapsing into a heap on the ground.

“Don’t feel sorry for him. He’s only interested in himself. And seducing girls for his own benefit. Both benefits. But who can blame him? He’s young. And you two! Could you have taken any longer?” he shouted the end to the seemingly empty square.

The End

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