Somehow from Lilith analysing my blood I ended up sat on a sofa with my head buried in Fang’s arm. Being told I was part vampire didn’t bother me much, I always knew I was different somehow, but it was all too much to handle over a week. And Fang’s delicious, calming scent was there, taunting me. He sat barely breathing until Aya returned to the room. Fang eyed him suspiciously.

“Hallie, I hate to say this but we need to feed. All of us. We need to be as strong as possible when Blade attacks. And that will be soon” Fang said softly, like a father comforting a scared child during a thunderstorm.

“It’s okay. I’m sure the hermit can protect me” I said, trying to stay cheerful.

“Y’know you could always…” Aya said, raising his eyebrows as he paused.

“And go against everything I’ve ever believed?” Fang snapped.

Aya rolled his eyes and trudged upstairs. I wondered if he was going up to the attic again. I wouldn’t mind going back up there, it was kind of nice. But I was scared. I wasn’t scared for myself, nor for Morrigan or Tawny. I was scared for Fang. Love clouds judgement and that was something we couldn’t afford to happen. One slip up and it could be all over. I wasn’t scared that Blade would capture me, he seemed like a reasonable person who could be talked out of a situation, but I was scared of what he might do to Tawny and the others. He’d killed Morrigan without mercy and would have done the same to Aya had he not been interrupted. Who knew what else he would do?

The day passed in a blur. Nothing made much sense and tensions were high. Then before I knew it, night had fallen and Aya and Morrigan were heading out for a feeding trip. Lilith had occupied herself listening to the hermit’s tales and Tawny was busy “cooking up a storm for the resident human”.

“Fang, how is it you guys can eat food? Like regular food” I asked the pacing man.

“We can handle it in small quantities. It doesn’t have much nutritional value but it can keep us going between feeds as it’s slow to digest” he said calmly though he was clearly panicked.

“Fang… I… Can we go upstairs for a second?”

He nodded. We slowly ascended the stairs in silence and ambled up to the door to my room.

“What did you want?” he asked, confusion flooding his eyes.

“Somewhere we could talk without Tawny listening. Fang, I… I want you to turn me into a vampire. That’s what all this is about. I… I’m fed up of being the defenceless human who has to be protected all the time. At least this way when Blade attacks I can help out”.

Fang sighed. “Are you sure you want this?”

I nodded. I’d never been more sure of anything.

“It wont be like in the movies. There wont be any candles or roses… unless you want that”.

“Somewhere to sit is good enough for me”.

He smiled and opened my bedroom door. He leant over and whispered “Go ahead, I’ll be right back” and disappeared with the stealth of a cat.

I slipped into the room. It was dark though the curtains were open. I guess the day really had flown by. In the room there was a serious lack of chairs. The closest thing was a footstool. A footstool! What’s the point having a footstool if there’s nowhere to sit? The door to Tawny’s room stood open. Of course there’d be a chair in there, she was the owner of the Libellule fortune and manor house. If she didn’t have a chair nobody would. I would happily have sat on the bed for my transformation but the sheets were white silk and expensive and I didn’t want to bleed on them. Not that I was counting on bleeding anywhere. I tiptoed through the doorway, paranoid that Lilith would appear from nowhere, and beheld Tawny’s room. Silver. Dragonflies. Crystals. Silk. Everywhere. And luckily a chair. It was oak and of simple build but it would do. I took it through to my room and made doubly sure to shut and lock the adjoining door. The chair was set down and in position, all that was required now was Fang. Where was he? As if in answer to my question he slipped through the door, holding something large and rectangular under his arm. Mom’s mirror.

“When you wake up you’ll need something to remind you of who you are. I figured this would be best” he said, leaning it against the mirror in the dressing table.

The mirror sat reflecting my image, acting like a giant eye for my mom’s spirit. At least, that’s what I thought. I couldn’t leave it like that. I wouldn’t let myself leave it like that. I grabbed a spare sheet and hung it over the mirror. Fang could uncover it when all this was over, then I didn’t have to feel like Mom saw me change. I didn’t want her to see. I heard Fang shut the door and then all was silent. I sat. I could tell he was moving around but I couldn’t hear him. I felt him near the chair. Then his face was pressed against mine, his mouth by my ear.

“You’re sure you want this” he whispered.

“I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life” I said, trying to hold my nerve. Surely if I was already part vampire I’d have the healing abilities and the strength, right?

He smiled. Then he was gone again. Then back, brushing my hair away from my neck. I felt his breath on the back of my neck. It was so icy it gave me goose bumps. Then his mouth was at the side of my neck, lingering around my throat.

“You’re absolutely sure?” he said, his jaw brushing against the skin on my neck.

“Yes. I’m sure, Why do you keep asking?” I asked crabbily.

“All humans have the right to execute free will. That’s what I was taught and that’s what I believe. Now, one last time, are you sure?”

“Yes” it came out as more of a whisper.

He nodded. He tilted my head to the side a little and planted a kiss on the side of my neck. I could feel his razor sharp teeth just a few millimetres from my throat, from my bloodstream, from the end of my frail human existence. A loud crash disrupted him. Next thing, Lilith had jumped on him and was trying to injure him without causing too much damage. At least I think that’s what she was doing. Either way, her hits weren’t very effective and any cuts only lasted a few seconds. She and Fang battled for a few minutes until shouting could be heard rising up the staircase.

“This isn’t over, Fang” Lilith said coldly before facing the door to await whatever force was coming.

Fang bolted upright from the position he’d been tackled into. Of the two shouting voices I only recognised one: Tawny.

“Teach you to sneak in here!” floated up and into the room, followed by a dull thud.

And before we knew it, in walked a blood-splattered Tawny. Being dragged behind her was… a body. She slid the body across the wooden floor towards Fang and Lilith. The body stopped before their feet and showed a few signs of life. A smile spread across Tawny’s lips and she laughed. It was a crazed laugh.

“Well, well, look what the cat dragged in” she said with an evil undertone in her voice.

The body in front of us slowly unfurled itself to reveal a bloodied mess of blonde hair and tan skin.

The End

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