The Arrival of a Kimono-clad Angel

After being rudely awakened by Tawny brandishing another dress and a quick breakfast made by Tawny herself, she’d given the hermit a day off, it was time for a familiar face to rejoin our little group. Aya shuffled through the open front door. I couldn’t even look at him. I didn’t want to look at my friend’s killer. If anyone had to die that night, it should’ve been me. Then this stupid war wouldn’t be going on because there’d be nothing to fight over.

“Hallie” a weak voice said equally as weakly.

It wasn’t. It couldn’t be. I looked round and discovered the reason for Aya’s shuffling. Leaning on him for support was Morrigan. Sure she looked fragile and exhausted but it was Morrigan! She was alive and she was perfect, like she always was.

“Can’t get rid of me that easily” she laughed and Aya managed to shuffle her onto a sofa.

Ambling in behind them was yet another face. It was a she, I could tell that from the silhouette in the doorway. She looked like Morrigan. Maybe it was Morrigan’s soul. Eventually the silhouette stepped into the house. She was beautiful. Exactly like Morrigan but different in so many ways. Her hair was white as snow and unlike Morrigan who wore tight clothes even now, this second Morrigan wore a light pink kimono with some kind of petal on the front. She turned as she shut the door and the main part of the design revealed itself: a cherry blossom tree with pastel yellow blossoms and a dark pink trunk, with branches that snaked their way over the back of the kimono. She walked closer to me and I saw her better. She had the same angelic face as Morrigan but this girl wore it with more angel and less imp. Her eyes were… terrifying. Sheer terror in physical form. They were completely white save for the faint silver outline of a pupil. Could she even see? She stared straight at me. One of the single most horrifying experiences of my life. I’d rather go on a day trip with Blade than look in those eyes again.

“So this is the human pet. How disappointing” she said in Morrigan’s perfect English accent and sat next to Morrigan.

“Hallie, meet Lilith. Lilith, meet Hallie” Morrigan said and coughed a few times.

“Don’t overdo it” Aya whispered.

“I’m fine! Lilith is my twin… My identical twin”.

“We are not so identical now, are we sister?” Lilith asked, turning her head.

“No… no we’re not”.

Lilith, no matter how scary her eyes were, looked like an angel. The shoulder of her kimono fell, exposing the bare flesh but she didn’t seem to care. She sighed and gazed at the floor. Everyone seemed to regard her as if she would explode any second. The only person who seemed to behave normally around her was Morrigan, who now sat playing Rock, Paper, Scissors with her. They looked just like children. Seventeen-year-old children. Lilith kept gazing down at the floor, as if she wanted something to be done. Fang was nowhere to be seen, Tawny was flitting around, acting in the hermit’s absence, and Aya seemed to have disappeared too. If Lilith wanted something done, she’d have to get up and do it herself.

“Lille, can you give me a hand?” Tawny said from the kitchen.

“Is it something for the human?” Lilith asked nonchalantly.

“Yeah. Human’s gotta eat you know?”

“I could not care less about her. She involved herself with vampires, she is already dead to me”.

There was a loud crash from the kitchen and another from the floor above. All of a sudden a red-faced Tawny burst in and there were footsteps on the balcony. Morrigan looked up from their game and wore a worried expression. Lilith gazed at the floor without emotion.

“Lilith Hannah Gray, I’ve told you once and I wont tell you again” Tawny said. I’d never noticed before but her personality was almost entirely maternal instinct.

“You think by saying my full name you can make me listen to you?” Lilith said, with a spooky lack of emotion. Was that just one of her angelic qualities?

Tawny was shocked. She had no idea what to say to that. Fang jumped from the balcony and Aya followed soon after. Fang grabbed Lilith by the shoulder. She still gazed at the floor. Fang mumbled something at her but she still didn’t look up. He nodded at Tawny and the two of them led Lilith outside. I only had a few seconds to wonder what they were doing before the three of them returned and Lilith sat on the bare floor boards.

“Lilith, you need to stop moping and accept this as part of your life now. How many years has it been? A few hundred?” Fang said.

“One hundred and twenty years,” Lilith said, still lacking expression, “And why should I accept it when you know full well there is an alternative?”

“No, it’s too dangerous”.

Fang and Lilith continued to argue in hushed tones, evidently they were arguing about something they thought would upset me. Morrigan looked upset, ashamed. Why should she be ashamed? She’d done nothing wrong. Unless she was ashamed of Lilith’s behaviour. I’d never seen twins who cared so much about each other, it was a little freaky. While I was watching Fang and Lilith, I didn’t notice the person creeping up behind me until Morrigan had a huge grin on her face and there was a hand clamped over my mouth. What perfect timing for an angel to be distracted. Yeah, like Lilith would help me anyway.

The End

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