The First Battle

“Care to hand her over?” the man asked.

Tawny and Aya stood on either side of me. A growl rumbled from Morrigan’s chest and the man took a step back.

“Very well. I guess I’ll just have to fight you for her”.

He front flipped over the edge of the roof and smashed into the paved floor of the square. The cement crumpled like paper as he hit but he himself was unscathed. The thing that had glinted at his side now revealed itself as an ornate katana. It was of exquisite build and the blade gleamed when he unsheathed it. Snaking down the blade was an etched design of a dragon; it’s tail starting just underneath the hilt, the head breathing a jet of fire that reached the tip of the sword.

“One more chance” he said.

Aya snarled from beside me. Hearing someone you perceive as human make such animalistic noises is pretty scary. The man tutted and sliced through the air with his sword. I sensed Morrigan moving around behind me and slyly checked out what she was doing. In her hand, she had a bottle of absinthe and a pack of matches. Where did she even get a bottle of absinthe? And how was it going to help?

Aya and the man glared at each other for a while. I wondered what they were waiting for when I saw Tawny slipping on a pair of brass knuckles.

“Mairie Libellule needs a pair of knuckle dusters to take me on?” the man laughed.

Aya growled as Tawny fell to her knees.

“You’ll pay for that, Blade!” Aya roared and charged at the man I guess was called Blade.

He must have been insane. This guy Blade had a sword and Aya had nothing but his fists. His bare fists at that. Blade grinned and ran towards Aya. He swung his sword. Aya knocked it to the ground with his foot. He put his foot down and the blade snapped in two. Blade snarled at him and pulled a dagger out of… I’m not sure where. It just sort of appeared.

“Mairie. Mairie” Tawny said almost hysterically.

I turned to Morrigan. Her cheeks bulged. Her entire mouth was filled with the absinthe. The battle between Aya and Blade continued. Morrigan touched my arm and crept towards the two fighting beasts. I followed her. She pointed at Aya and struck a match.

“Aya! Duck!” I shouted.

He did just as Morrigan sent a jet of flaming absinthe soaring towards Blade. The fire erupted in his face. Cropped black hair and eyes like earth. Was this the face of my killer? How hopeless did that sound? Maybe the situation was hopeless. Morrigan was only okay for as long as the absinthe lasted; Aya was fighting a losing battle and Tawny wasn’t even sane at the moment. Another jet of flames from Morrigan.

“Get back by Tawny!” Aya shouted as Blade knocked the bottle of absinthe to the ground and it shattered, spilling the contents.

I scrambled back over to Tawny who still knelt, repeating “Mairie” over and over again like a prayer. Then, from the corner of my eye I saw a woman, around the age of twenty. I could tell just by looking at her that she was a vampire but she was the plainest vampire I’d ever seen. All the male vampires I’d come across seemed to have a very formal dress sense and Tawny and Morrigan’s outfits were never dull. Yet this she-vampire presented herself in a mere t-shirt and jeans. Her golden eyes were entrancing. They were the only thing I could focus on.

“Come with me, I can take you somewhere safe.” The woman said in a honey-like voice. Her gaze hypnotised me. “You can trust me. My name is Lilith. Fang sent me. I’m-“

“Not my sister!” Morrigan shouted, spraying out the last of the absinthe as she spoke.

The woman’s hypnotic gaze faltered. Morrigan was racing towards her, a murderous growl in her throat.

“Mairie Libellule. Dragonfly” said Tawny with a hint of a laugh.

Morrigan reached the golden eyed woman and attacked her like a wild animal. Snarling. Biting. Clawing. A vivid blur of limbs. As the two of them collided the battle between Aya and Blade continued. Blade still had his dagger but for some reason couldn’t land a blow on Aya. And it was the same for Aya. They were equal matches. Something wet splashed against my cheek. I looked round in time to see Morrigan rip open the woman’s neck with her teeth. Blood trickled down over her chin. The woman’s body slumped down to the floor and lay lifelessly, pouring blood into the square.

“Unfortunately for us, she’ll be fine in a few hours” Morrigan said, wiping off some of the plasma.

A roar came from Ayumu as Blade unsheathed another katana. This one was shorter than the first and wasn’t decorated but he used it just as lethally. Morrigan ran to Aya’s side. She moved too fast to keep track of.

“Morrigan Ashley Gray, what can I tell you that you don’t know yourself?” Blade asked.

“That trick wont work on me. I remember everything about my human life” Morrigan spat at Blade.

“Fair play” Blade said with a smile.

He charged forwards, aiming for Aya. Aya parried the blow with his arm and grabbed Blade by the throat. Blade barely looked bothered.

“Y’know, sometimes I really hate vampires” Aya said, squeezing.

“The feeling’s mutual” Blade said smugly.

He sliced a dagger across Aya’s hand, causing him to let go. Blade drew back his katana. Aya was too concerned with his hand to notice. I wanted to shout but Tawny pulled me down to her level. She whispered something but it was too quiet to be heard. I looked to Aya. He was on the ground. Had Blade managed to hit him? No, he’d been pushed. And then I saw Morrigan. The tip of the blade protruded from her back. Blood dripped from the point. Blade growled and ripped the sword out of Morrigan’s abdomen. Blood gushed from her stomach, back and mouth. Blade was about to do the same to Aya when someone else entered the square.

“Blade, I hate to burst your bubble but we’ve gotta go” it was the purple-haired guy from before.

“Since when do you give the orders, Kyo?” Blade snarled.

“Since Fang is on his way here, since Ciara doesn’t have a neck anymore, since Niko bailed and since I’m going to black out in less than half an hour!”.

Blood stained his shirt and it all seemed to be coming from his chest. Blade hesitated and Aya punched him square in the jaw. Blade shook his head and pointed at the gold eyed woman, Ciara. Kyo picked her up over his shoulder and left the square in a blur.

“Until next we meet, Hallie” Blade said, a chill in his voice and disappeared into the shadows.

The End

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