Fang had left. He’d left me in the care of Morrigan and Ayumu with the strict order not to leave the house. This guy thinks he can just bounce into my life, spewing a load of junk about being a vampire, and tell me what to do? Morrigan and Ayumu were all set for breaking the rules but part of me was fighting against it. Why had this Fang bought out my rebellious side? I didn’t even know I had a rebellious side.

“Ayumu, why did you want me to find out about you guys?”

“When are you going to start calling me Aya? And because I don’t like lying to people”.

“And because he-“ Morrigan started.

“Shut it, Morrigan, or I swear I’ll break that pretty little neck of yours in two” he snapped.

Morrigan rolled her eyes and smiled at me. Now that I knew their secret she seemed to be nothing but smiles. The three of us decided to take a trip down to Sunset Square, aptly named because it always seemed like sunset there. Morrigan and Ayumu… Aya, seemed at home in the half light and it just gave them yet another way to look absolutely gorgeous. Actually, they made quite a good couple once you got over the fact that they were constantly threatening to kill each other.

“How do you like doing the opposite of what Fang tells you?” Morrigan asked after knocking back some of her Starbucks milkshake.

“I feel a little bad about it to be honest”.

“See, that’s why I like her. She doesn’t lie and she’s oh so sincere” Aya said with a grin.

It was fun being out with the two of them but that part of me was still fighting against it. It was making me nauseous. And dizzy. Very dizzy.


 “Hallie? Open your eyes for me, baby doll” sand Tawny’s voice.

Sunset Square had kicked me out and I now lay on the small red couch that sat in my living room. I’m guessing I fainted because there were two concerned-looking vampires leaning over me. Once I’d opened my eyes Tawny gave a sigh of relief and slunk off to shout at Morri and Aya. Wait, since when did I call Morrigan ‘Morri’?

“How are you feeling?” Fang asked from beside me.

“Like I’ve been hit round the head with a baseball bat. What happened?”

“You did something you don’t agree with and passing out was your body’s reaction to it”.

“Makes sense”.

I tried sitting up but Fang was having none of it.

“You need to rest. You’ve had a rough day” he said, propping me back every time I tried to sit up.


 I had a dream. A weird dream. A dream that didn’t make any sense. I couldn’t hear anything but maybe there was no sound to be heard. Three young men and a woman sat in a room. The eldest of the men stood and paced for a while. The woman then stood by his side and attempted to wrap her arms around him in a slightly more than comforting way. He shook her off but she simply pulled him towards her by his shirt. He pulled away from her and struck her around the face. One of the other two men stood up but the woman appeared to shout at him before running out of the room. The third and final man laughed but was silenced by the first man. Then, slowly the sound of a hiss planted itself in my ears. It evolved into a laugh before finally descending into silence once more.

“We attack at midnight” the first man said.


 I woke to find not one, not two but four vampires leaning over me with worried expressions. Fang had his hand against my forehead. Surprisingly he wasn’t freezing cold. From what little I knew of vampires I thought they were supposed to be as cold as death but his hand was perfectly toasty.

“Hallie, what happened” Tawny asked.

“What do you men?” I asked.

“You started talking in your sleep. Most of it was just mumbles but just now you said “we attack at midnight”. What did you see?”

“It was just a dream”.

Fang looked at Tawny and then back to me. He stood up and Aya followed his lead. Fang mumbled something to him and he dashed off.

“Tawny, Morrigan, take Hallie some place that isn’t near here” Fang said.

“Fang, the only safe place that isn’t near here is New York and if we take her there we might as well walk her into the mansion, bleeding with a sign that says “check it out, I’m human”’ Tawny said.

“Just get her away from this house”.

“What about you?”

“It’s time Blade knows who he’s dealing with”.

Before I had time to ask who Blade was, Tawny and Morrigan stole me out of the front door and into the night, leaving Fang alone in the house.

“Don’t worry, he’ll be fine” Tawny said but she didn’t sound sure.

She and Morrigan led me to Sunset Square, claiming they had the best defence there. Sunset Square should be one of the wonders of the world: even at midnight it looked like sunset. Morrigan sat at a café table, tapping her fingers against it nervously.

“I need Lilith here. We guard each other. I can’t do it on my own” she muttered to herself.

“Morri, calm down. Aya’s gone to get her, you’ll be fine” Tawny said.

And speak of the devil, Aya appeared. He dashed into the square and made everyone jump. He shocked Morrigan so much she leapt at him like a cat with rabies.

“She wouldn’t come. She’s still pissed about yesterday” he said reluctantly, ignoring the scratching beast on his back.

“At least we’ve got you” Tawny said.

“I checked the house on my way back. I smelt all four of them but there were only two in the house”.

Tawny nodded and stared at the roofs of the buildings. Aya managed to get Morrigan off his back and tried to calm her down.

“Aya, we’ve got a problem” Tawny said.

Everyone looked where Tawny was staring. Stood on the five-storey roof of Starbucks was a man. I had no idea who he was but his presence bought a string of swear words from Aya and a panic attack from Morrigan. Something glinted at his side and he chuckled.

“What a fine eve for a human hunt” his voice rang through the square.

Tawny, Aya and Morrigan all uttered one word in unison: “Blade”.

The End

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