Nate sat watching TV. Tawny was sat next to him.  She was the only person who hadn’t been harsh on him lately. It was mainly his own fault this time. He had broken the news to the others that he knew Trace already rather lightly. However, when he said they’d had a five year relationship a certain loud-mouthed vampire got a tad upset. Well, not upset. He just used it as his reason for not liking Nate. The final blow came when he told us he and Trace were trying to fix their problems and et back together that Fang was taken aback. Of course Tawny and me knew all about it. Tawny even knew about his brother. All I knew was that his name was Zakyn and at some point in his life he had been thirteen. They hadn’t noticed me come into the room, and it’s pretty difficult to not notice me come into a room because it sounds like I’m dragging a small train behind me.

“How’s Trace?” I asked, making them jump.

“Oh, he’s fine. He’s still a little bit jumpy. I mean, wouldn’t you be after someone poisoned you?” Nate said, “And, I gotta say, the news doesn’t seem to have bothered you as much as the others”.

I sat down next to them with great effort and sighed.

“I already knew”


“Trace’s blood memories. You were in most of them”.

“Aaw, well ain’t that the sweetest thang” Tawny said, mimicking Nate’s accent.

Nate smiled and chuckled to himself. He then seemed to remember where he was and regained his look of seriousness.

“So, kiddo, how’s the leg?” he asked sweetly.

“Well, there’s still a plate in it. And I’m still in my leg brace” I said, emphasising certain words at Tawny.

“Well, with the amount of vampire, and vampire blood, in you it should be healed enough to take the brace off in about a week” Tawny said, patting me on the knee.

“Good. In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s November and I’m in shorts because of this thing. I’m freezing” I grumbled.

“I wouldn’t worry, chickadee, once you’re a vampire you wont get cold” Nate said, trying to cheer me up.

All it managed to do was add to the ice that was sitting in the pit of my stomach and make me feel sick. And even while I sat in the manor's front room, I felt like I was being watched. I swear I saw a blur of white outside the window. Which reminded me, I still had to tell the others about that card...

The End

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