I woke up feeling groggy and a little lethargic. I was in my bedroom at Libellule Manor and everywhere felt stiff. Sat by my bed was Fang. He was leaning on his knees and his head was hung. Someone was stood on the other side of me. I looked round and saw Tawny stood at a drip. It was then that I noticed the nagging pain at my wrist, like a tiny crab had latched on to my skin.

“Tawny” I said sleepily.

“Oh, you’re awake,” Tawny said and a huge smile spread across her face, “You’re awake! We weren’t sure if you were coming back! You’ve been out cold for nearly two weeks”.

She unhooked the drip from my arm and batted Fang on the arm a few times to “wake” him.

“But, now that you’re awake you can admire my handiwork” she said cheerfully.


Tawny helped me stand and I heard the clunk of metal hitting the wooden floor. I looked down and saw a metal frame licking around my leg and foot. There were spokes protruding from my leg which were connected to the framework that danced up and down my leg. Dressing my right arm was a thick cast. I’m not sure if it was the cast or the fact that my arm was broken but I could barely wiggle my fingers. I shuffled along, my left side being supported by Tawny, and managed to make it to the door before walking got too much for me. Fang picked me up and carried me downstairs, not minding that my leg brace cut him a few times and caught on his shirt. He let me get settled on one of the sofas before speaking.

“Hallie, what you did was irresponsible and reckless,” he said and I hung my head, “But it did save a lot of lives”.


“The Nightstalkers were planning on launching a full scale attack on Apollo’s Arrow. Hundreds of people would have been slaughtered but you managed to halt The Nightstalkers somehow”.

Slowly, things started coming back to me. Ataris, Lilith and Morrigan, images from that night flickered through my brain.

“What about Morrigan and-“

“We haven’t been able to find them. Nate and Aya have been out searching this whole time but there’s no sign. I wouldn’t worry about them, though. They’re tough girls”.

“It’s not them I’m worried about” I muttered.

The two of us sat in silence for a while. It was nice being back with Fang and Tawny, I felt safer somehow. I didn’t feel safer because I knew they could protect me. I felt safer because… Well, I can’t really explain it. Tawny breezed in a few times to make sure I wasn’t in any pain but other than that, Fang and I sat in peace. A few hours passed, which Fang spent jumping whenever I fidgeted, before either of us spoke again.

“Hallie, is something the matter?” Fang asked calmly.

“Nothing, I was just… I was thinking. About what happened. And, I was wondering… What happened to Ataris?”


“Yeah, she helped me out. I think she was a werewolf. She saved me from Ren so I was wondering what happened to her”.

“Ah, about Ren. We searched the entire building and there was no sign of her. And, judging by what we saw, Ataris is dead”.

“What about Trace?” I asked past the lump in my throat.

“He’s fine. He’s a little shaken and he was ill for a while since Morrigan gave him something but-“

“Deadly nightshade”.

“I’m sorry?”

“Deadly nightshade. That’s what she gave him. She bit his neck and put some into the bite”.

Fang sighed. “Morrigan always knew what she was doing. Deadly nightshade in the bloodstream is one of the only weaknesses vampires have. Because it doesn’t latch on to our DNA we can’t just destroy it like a virus”.

“But he’s okay?”

“Yes. He’s been staying at Nate’s. For some reason Tawny said it would be best if they were together”.

I giggled. Tawny seemed to be able to tell anything about anyone just by looking at them. Fang looked at me like I’d gone a tad insane but simply smiled. At some point I must have fallen asleep because I woke up in bed and it was the middle of the night. On the table next to my bed were five get well soon cards. I picked them up and looked inside each one. The first was from Tawny. There were butterflies on the front and hand-drawn dragonflies on the inside. She had even signed her name ‘Tawny’ and a small dragonfly. The second was from Aya. His writing was rushed and difficult to read but I knew he meant it. The third was from Fang, signed with ‘I love you’ and nothing more, but I could still tell it was from him. The fourth came from Nate and Trace. It was hand-made and full to bursting with Nate’s wackiness. There seemed to be every colour known to man, things attached to springs, glitter, ribbons, sequins, fluffy pompoms and several cartoons. Inside it still boasted of his almost child like nature but it was more serene. From Trace there was an entire paragraph of apologising, then the wish for me to get well soon and then more apologising. The fifth and final card was from… Lilith and Morrigan. It was written in Lilith’s flowing handwriting which gave it an overall chilling tone before I even read the words.


 Dearest Hallie,


 We ask that you reconsider our offer of revenge. After all, if it were not for The Union, your mother would still be alive and you would not be the half-blood of legend. Remember that until Azarius draws his last breath our work will not be completed and until that day, you will never live in peace. We will come for you.

 Our most sincere hopes that you are well soon,


 Lilith and Morrigan,

 Angelo e Diavolo

The End

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